Thursday, January 17, 2013

Mi Casa es Su Casa

I've had some requests to see more of our home. 
The awesome pictures are the work of Rachel Thurston from our recent family photo shoot.
The sub-par pictures? Well, we have no idea who took those....
But at least you get an idea! 

The top three points that sold me on this house:
1) Being in walking distance of 'town'- love being able to stroll to dinner, to the grocery store, the bank, the school, etc. Makes me feel like I live in a quaint town.
2) The open floor plan. The transition from one room to the next is done with wide open entries rather than lots of wall and closed doors. It makes the house flow and feel bigger and NOT claustrophobic.
3) The kitchen/living room space. These two areas- the most used area in our family- was so inviting and big and just perfect.I was sold when I walked into this area.

living room


master bedroom

front room

entry way. Our St. Louis, Salt Lake City, and Los Angeles pictures.

Deeter and Kaia's bedroom

Dallin and Porter's bedroom

Now it's your turn!
1) What are the top three points that sold you on your current home/apartment?
2)What are the top three will-haves in your dream home?

For more house pictures:
front yard
the kitchen
the backyard
the loft
right when we bought it


  1. i love watching your confidence and just sit here. jealous. :)

  2. Beautiful!

  3. You guys have such a nice house! We are house hunting and it is stressful business !

    1. Thanks, Heather! I feel ya- house hunting is stressful! But then when you find the right one, it all kind of makes sense! Good luck!

  4. You have a beautiful house. The kitchen is amazing!

  5. Gorgeous photos from Rachel. Really though, I'm thinking of framing one of your family to put in my house because I love them that much!

  6. Beautifuly home. You have done a great job creating a peaceful environment for your family.


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