Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Shoot I don't think I have it in me to write a grateful post. Not because I have nothing to be grateful, not because i don't want happiness in my life, but because I'm tired. I'm not a night person. I don't actually even like being productive at night. Probably because I'm not, more likely my work is counter-productive.

But here's the thing. I know I never regret anything I write. No matter the poor quality I bring, it's always going to be better than nothing. 

So I think we'll bullet point this one out.

*Kaia started her 5 day regimen this week. She's happy as a peach. (I feel like I got that saying wrong...)
*The kids are loving hover boards. All 4 of them, although the boys are on them more, probably because it's something all the friends do together.
*Porter helped me make cookies today. Solid QT.
*Kaia still insists on wearing shorts and a t-shirt to school. 42 degrees. Whatever.
*I cut B's hair the other night and him and Porter are looking more alike than ever...whoops!
*B and his buddy, Landon, are working on a science fair project. I sure hope they make progress solo because those things intimidate me.
*Speking of things intimidating me, I could make a laundry list you wouldn't want to touch with a 10 foot pole.

K, gonna watch my murder show. Dateline for the win. Shocking.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

10/21 the happiness project

Aqui estamos. In the land of Gilbert, AZ where the sun is out, Polar Pops are a dime a dozen, and daily park outings are a must. 

3 new things I'm grateful for:

1) good food. I love to go out to eat. I do like good food but possibly even surpassing that love, is the love of getting at. The free energy in restaurants. Being on the move. But I usually just say I love food. Now my big secret is out. 

So anyway, while here, we've had some great food experiences. Joyride Tacos- the chips and salsa were seriously TDF. loved the size of the tacos, that I could try an enjoy three different kind without being too full. Joe's Market Grill- some solid fresh burgers and salads and sweet potato fries. You can eat outside, making it a very kid-friendly place. Joe's BBQ- located in downtown Gilbert which is such a quaint little area. If I were a resident here, I would appreciate every opportunity that took me to the hard streetz of downtown Gilbert. 

2) lets be honest, this is a whole different day than when #1 was written. Apparently I'm not a quitter though! I'm thankful for my Chels. She's been a steady and stable in my life for many years now. Like 12.5. I love her and hanging out with her. I'm a lucky girl. 

3) dreaming. Day dreaming that is. I love how dreams keep my mind alive and desiring more and pushing forward. Yosh and I wrote down a couple 2016 bucket list items on the flight home yesterday. And it was fun. I know something about me- I don't care as much if that list gets checked off completely or not. I just like making it. And thinking of the possibilities. Dreaming is good. 

One positive experience:

Chels, Andrew, Yosh and I wanted to go out for chips and salsa late Saturday night. It had the possibility of being an awkward situation because we didn't want food. We arrived to Joyride Tacos at like 11:02 where the host informed us apologetically that the kitchen was closed, that chips and salsa was all they could offer us����������������. We were saved. Positive experience it was. 

Thursday, December 24, 2015

8/21 Happiness Project

K I'm tempted to not do this due to time, I'm doing this one quick.

3 new things I'm grateful for:

1) playing volleyball. I play pick up ball once a week on Tuesday nights which has been so much fun. The downer is that it starts at 9 pm and we usually go till 11:30ish and then I can't go to sleep till 1ish. The school morning comes real quick but a while ago I decided I needed to up my quality of life by doing more things I truly enjoy. So staying up super late, therefore  not getting a lot of sleep, is part of the sacrifice. Quality of life > sleep.

2) that I got to sleep in on Wednesday after volleyball. My body is for sure in vacation mode...I couldn't even get up to my 8:00 alarm. Eye lids got their first peek at 9:24 am. Hallelujah hands all the way around.

3) that my parents came in town for Christmas. It's fun getting to share life with them!

One positive experience:

I took the kids shopping so they could buy their sibling exchange gifts. It was super sweet watching them all thoughtfully and deliberately pick out something they thought their person would like. We exchange those gifts on Christmas Eve and it's my absolute favorite. It's the one gift- on the giving and receiving end- that they're emotionally invest4d in. They thought about it, picked it out, and paid for it with their own money. Obvious reasons why they are giddy doing the giving.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

7/21 happiness project

Y'all, I'm blogging and biking at the same time. How sweet is this set up. Maybe Gold's Gym is my new office. I love traveling west to east. We're home and kids are still on west coast/party mode time zone which means they're tucked in bed asleep while I'm up and at em for a couple hours. Fave.

3 new things I'm grateful for:
1) My kids travel so well. They pull their weight, they're helpful, they're independent enough, and don't ask too many questions! I admit, they're a total crutch for me to pull off shenanigans. I don't want to travel/do things alone so having them along for the ride kills so many birds with one stone. I was just telling Yosh this trip that I don't know what I'll do without them when that time comes where they ditch me and start a life of their own. 

I was reminding myself of how grateful I am for their behavior last night as Deeter was literally crying himself to sleep. It was a rough night. A great day, a rough night. His heart was broken about something (losing electronics for a day) and nothing was going to console him. Well, technically I bet earning electronics back but that wasn't happening. Anyway, in the moment I was thinking and praying and hoping for some idea to help my poor boy out and nothing was working. You know one of the hardest answers/solutions with kids? Time. Sometimes time is the only remedy for things returning to normal. It's painful to sit still, do nothing, and wait. Often that's what's needed though. As much as it hurts now to wait out a petty electronic disappointment, I don't even want to think about the things I'll be waiting out during the teenage years and how I'm sure I'll be waiting much longer than a couple hours or one night's sleep…

2) Our tradition of stopping by Rudy's on the way home from the airport. Whether we're picking someone up or its us returning home, if Rudys is open were usually stopping in for a meal. 

3) Nice people who compliment young families. It's easy to feel like a burden or a circus show walking around as a mom with four youngish kids. But so many people are complimentary and encouraging and it's refreshing to feel that posit icing and support, even if only from strangers. 

One positive experience:

Yosh has been so cute about BYU picking a new head coach. He was telling me about the press conference where Kalani (can't remember last name) took press for first time. I asked him for a date that night, to watch it together. He lit right up and held me to my word after the kids were in bed. It was so fun watching Yosh get excited at sharing that with me and then watching his reaction everytime the new coach talked. It was a sweet 20 minute and a good reminder for me to connect more with Yosh on his level. He's a good man!

Monday, December 21, 2015


I'm loving these quiet mornings. Dang if this could ever become a habit…

3 new things I'm grateful for:

1) Yosh. Our anniversary was on Saturday and we had a good, quick reflective chat. To sum it up, he's a good one. He's steady, stable and a lot of other things that I'm not. He also just loves me a whole lot and while I may never understand why, I sure appreciate it. He is my goal of how to love. 

2) that we're safe. Literally right across the street from the hotel we're staying at, some lady drove her car on the sidewalk last night killing one and injuring 37. Thinking how many times we've walked that same stretch since we've been here in Vegas is sobering. We were relaxing in our room watching Alice in Wonderland at the time it happened. Thank goodness. I've been thinking offal the families not as lucky as us…

3) that I don't live in Vegas!

One positive experience:

Yesterday Yosh and insole up, threw on some clothes, and set out to walk to breakfast (after going to McDonalds and loading up on food for the kids as promised!). This is one of my favorite things to do. I love walking to a meal! We ended up at The Lynx at Hash House a Go Go. We had tried going there last time we were in Vegas but the wait squeezed us out. (To a different and amazing breakfast cafe I must add). We had better luck this time. We sat down to a spectacular menu before ordering a gluttonous breakfast. Chicken fried eggs Benedict, biscuits and gravy, and a banana brown sugar something or the other pancake. Pancake was amazing x100. Everything else was real good but kind of too big and too much if that makes sense. By the time we walked away from the meal, it looked as if we had barely touched it. 

Over the top insane portions. 
We then walked home and that little outing was a super positive experience in my book!

Sunday, December 20, 2015

5/21 Project Happiness

So first off, I'm sitting here right now, first thing in the morning, happy as a mother... We'll stop at mother. Because I am one. But honestly my current feels are happiness and gratitude and I'm thinking…are those two interchangeable? Or are they domino affect? Or is it coincidence they're my two sensations?! Anyway, it's a great way to wake up and it feels so serene and solidifying to take a minute and soak it up and write before rushing into the day. 

Unfortunately when it comes to my happiness project, despite all my lalala feelings, I'm still in the same predicament of my memory suffering from a night's sleep, the time in which it ships a high percentage of thoughts/feels/happenings to the Bermuda Triangle. Ain't nothing coming back from there.  

But even that can't get me down. I'm still fishing out three gratefuls. 

3 new things I'm grateful for:

1) Good game day weather. We're here in Vegas and went to the BYU/Utah game and it was money weather for the 12:30 game. Jeans, sweatshirt and jacket were necessary but that kept us warm and the sun was shining and the sky was clear and it just felt right being at a ball game. As a self-indicting reminder, I'm a fair weather fan. Of anything. But in the truest and most literal sense. I don't want to do/watch/be/live anything in nasty weather. So praise hands all the way around for yesterday. 

2) sharing experiences with others. (I'm being real careful on how I word things since the project is 3 new things a day!)
Cali and her family have been here since we arrived, the Baker's came Friday night, and the Hansen's Saturday morning. Experiences are richer because we're together. Mine and Cali's crew walked around town Friday and everyone had fun just being together. Coke world (we did the tastes of Coke around the world sampling), M&M world (you don't want to know how much money I've spent on M&Ms since I've been here. But for real, personalizing the M&Ms with sayings??? Sucker. All day everyday.), Hershey's world (where the kids were literally shocked that we wouldn't buy them each a 2 lb Hershey kiss), and then Cali took Chance, Chloe, and Porter on the roller coaster at New York New York (Porter said scariest thing he's ever done but totally worth it.) I love having good people in my life that elevate the quality. 

3) That I got to go to Colin's basketball game. Honestly, it's real hard for me not living by family. I always grew up thinking I'd get to share raising kids and daily life etc with family but that isn't the case. While life is still fine and I've found a way to pick up the pieces and move on (please note sarcasm in that exaggerated statement), there's little things that are still hard to accept. One of those (probably the biggest one) is not knowing my nieces and nephews to a satisfactory level and not getting to watch them do their thing. That made it a very rich experience to go to Colin's game. Even though he didn't play, I loved being able to support him and see a glimpse into his life. 

One positive experience:

To go the game yesterday, Yosh booked a limo to take us to the game. Game day excitement was already running high and the limo pulling up was icing on the cake. We all got to ride together (Yosh and I, Dalkin, Porter, Deeter, Chelsi and Derek, Krewz, Chelsi and Andrew, and Harper) and DJ Jazzy D kept the jams coming, the kids kept the singing loud and entertaining, and it was good times. As expected we had a couple of hanging out of the window episodes (D and Andrew) and that is how you keep life light and fun. It made the 12 mile, one hour ride much more than just bearable. 

Ok because I missed a day and am not going to do a whole other post, I have to write down a couple more "gratefuls" so that these gems don't drift to The Triangle too. 
*that I finally got to meet niecey Harper. Shoot, we didn't take a pic together…
*for The Wicked Spoon. For breakfast and dinner. But mainly for breakfast bc that's where it's at. 

Ok see ya, bye. I think I'm going to run to McDonalds and bring home stacks of pancakes and McGriddles for the crew������������. 

Saturday, December 19, 2015

The Las Veges bowl

We went to the Las Vegas bowl.
Utah had 3 interceptions for 6
 AlI in the 1st Quarter
They were Winning 35-0
 Utah Downed there punts
At the 1 yard line. Byu for
There 1st TD they
Passed it R.Peck. On there
2ND TD F.Bernard rushed for aTD.
On there 3rd TD T.Mangum
dived for a TD.
They came back 28-35.

By: Deeter


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