Friday, July 8, 2016


HI, Honolulu
so, porter went to Stephen Curry over night camp, he had a very, very fun time, and Curry went in to porter's  dorm room his roommate fainted! Stephen Curry taught them his ball handling drills and shooting drills.
before that, we spent 4 days in a condo we discovered 7 Brothers, and right by there, there was a place with shaved ice which is a snow cone that's shaved.
we went the polynesian cultural/culture center. it was really fun. we went to watch ha/the breath of life, it was amazing, and we went to a luau also amazing and we discovered pounders.
we went in to a new house
we also went horse back riding for 45 minutes.
went to a hole Lot of beaches. my favorite beach was called Hukilau
porter's camp is over now. we went to a resort called turtle bay for  10 to 4 ,then we left for our flight.

by deeter hansen

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  1. That Deetz man is on a whole other level of brilliance. Love seeing his perspective.


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