Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Deeter's "The BYU game from New York-Washington DC"

At parent teacher conference, Mrs. Silverberg presented me with Deeter's story he had been working on but "ran out of time." The detail is impressive and needs it's place in history so I'm transcribing it here.
"I went to New York on Wednesday right after school and we got there at 10:30 pm. We took a uber to our apartment and our fish named Chris. We had a very good view of Downtown Manhattan so we went to bed. In the morning I was on the balcony for one hour and then I went inside and my family was awake. So I hugged my mom and went downstairs and said hi to Chris and then ate a bar and then looked at Downtown Manhattan. So we woke up ate breakfast at the mug cafe. I got apple juice, eggs and bacon. My family ate good food too! Then we bot six bananas and then took a subway to brooklyn bridge park. We looked around and we saw Downtown. My dad two brothers and one sister had ice cream. My mom bot me a crepe it looked really tasty. Then my brothers came and got one. After that we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge and bot souvenirs and then we went home for a long time. Then we went to the Play Aladdin, and the gini was very funny and the play different from the movie. The next morning we went to Prospect Park for one hour. Then we took a 90 minute boat tour. Then we took a train all the way Washington D.C.! We got there at 7:30 pm, so we went to bed at our apartment called 425 Massuchussets Street. So we woke up had breakfast at Wicked Waffle. We had waffles with chocolate syrup powdered sugar and yeah. Then we walked to the white house where the President lives. We saw a Police on the roof. We found a spot to run. I watched a squirrel eat on a tree eating little by little. Then we raced it was fun like parks should be. Then we went to look at the Washington monument. Then we went to the lincoln memorial and counted the 87 steps. We went to a lot of places but we needed to be prepared for the BYU game. So we went home and relaxed for a while. Then we got an uber to redskins stadium were we play West Virginia. even though we were away they let us sing our fight song. So now the game has started. We kick off we tackle them. We force a punt. We return to the 50. We had a 10 yard pass to nick kurts. Then we ran it to Jamaal Williams tis we got to the 40. Then we punted. After that they got a 85 yard pass to Gibson. Then they ran a 5-yard touchdown to Shell. That put them up 7-0. So then we returned to the 45-yard line we scored a touchdown. They threw another long pass to Gibson again. And then scibor howard ran in. Before half time we got a feild goal to make it 14-10. Then hifo got an explosive return. We scored another touchdown."
And this is where he ran out of time....! I'm dying at his detail. Especially the football game. I watched the exact same game as him and could have told you about 0 of those plays. Also, the illustrations are pretty impressive. Definitely a keeper.


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