Thursday, March 15, 2012

New Edition

I've been collecting a few things over the last 6 months to add a little color and pop to the kitchen.

I like the life this spinny thing gives. Where do you is the best place to out it?

I think I it on the table but the truth is, I kinda want it to stay in EACH place. That's right...three of the exact same thing. But seriously, I really like simple, so I'm also trying to decide if I want some centerpiece on the island or just leave it open? I feel like the hanging lights almost act as a focal.....? Maybe?

And I need a third piece to hang here but haven't come across anything I love. Any suggestions?

After Hailey was in town a couple of weekends ago, she helped me nail down the color to paint out old side table and figure out exactly how to execute the frame for the chalkboard paint (molding from Home Depot.....about $10 for 4 foot frame!) This is the first time I remember Yosh REALLY liking one of my decorating decisions!
Would love to hear suggestions....I know there's a lot of creativity out there!

1 comment:

  1. LOVE!! Seriously I am loving the color of the table you painted and also the spiny thing .... loving on the table!! Want to come help me now??? Miss your guts and ps I am in for the next tennis trip .... even tho I am not into tennis, I just want to come :)


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