Friday, March 16, 2012



I love color. What do you think of these $22 Target jeans? {The outside twinners, fraternal of course} My only hold back is they do take a good 3-4 minutes to get on. Sister jeans to these, of course. But a bigger size. It's refreshing to see myself in colorful clothes, rather than colorful workout gear....especially since making the last-minute trek to Disneyland last week..... In my freshly used running clothes. Black leggings, neon yellow tank-top, bright blue Nike Frees, and 4 1/2 miles worth of sweat. You all, I need some shame. Please, I'm begging for it.

That might also solve my problem of walking into the gas station to get my $1 same day re-fill....before 10 am.

Serious, does anyone have some shame I can borrow?

PS. I'm about to pee my pants. Not because I just drank 70 o.z.'s of Diet Coke. Because I'm so excited....Make sure you stop back by on Monday for some *AWESOME* news!!!!



  1. I'm excited for having another baby?!
    Love the colored jeans and your plea for shame. Nothing wrong w/ being shameless, it's just another word for confidence!

  2. I thought maybe another baby but I'm guessing not with you sporting those hot skinny jeans. but what do I know?

  3. Look how good you look--you have always been supper skinny. I am jealous!! Love the colorful pants, I want some!

  4. you do look really cute!!! vacationing with you made me want to be 'in shape' --- because you look great!
    love those colorful skinnies from Target. I tried them on (and perhaps got too small of a size- so glad i am not the only one) but I just was not loving myself in them....and since I am on the weight gain plan just didn't feel it was my season to wear bright jeans. ;( hope they are still in style next year!
    but you are rocking them! especially love the collared shirt under the T shirt.
    I am totally a T shirt i like to see cute outfits with T's.

  5. Becca it's not just you, believe me! And I'm totally a t-shirt girl too. That top outfit I totally ended up taking off the blazer- too dressy and uncomfy! And thanks for the compliment, you're too kind! And heather, you too!
    Glad you're agreeing with the bright colors- love this trend! And all you crazies thinking another baby…if that happens, my shrink will be the one delivering the news!

  6. Loving those pants from target! Great find Miss Gay. You are one hot mama!

  7. I wish you could be my personal shopper...

  8. Love the colored jeans! so cute...and i love that they are from target because they were probably $19 and so you can buy one in every color and not feel a tiny bit guilty.
    And if you find someone with the extra shame throw it my way...cause I'm lacking.
    I went to the Mav two times YESTERDAY yes Sunday morning and then again in the afternoon. The cash register lady thought I was a nut job. And I might just be. the end.

  9. Love the pants, but 3-4 min put-on time?! Geez...don't know if I'd EVER wear them!


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