Monday, October 24, 2011

Mama got Brave

...and walked my booty into a craft store. I kinda felt like a stranger in my own world but I quickly adapted. I focused, remembered why I was there- there was some vision in my head that could only be recreated by my hands. Hence the walk into foreign territory.

My mission was to do away with this look we've been sporting the last 3 years:
I needed color. I needed pattern. I wanted my sunshines pictured right along the words that described them.

And this is what we came up with:
(excuse the loft- at some point it will get completed. actually it probably won't but maybe. and if you're wondering if i like Subway art or whatever it's called....well, I think you have your answer.)

And all this only cost me 2 holes in the wall. Talk about making a husband happy. (Truth be told, don't know if I've let him in on that secret yet. Maybe I'll wait til I can use it to my advantage....) Now because of using those damage free hanging deals, I feel like it was a bit tricky to get the symmetry perfect so I've been trying to look at it through semi-blind eyes but have mainly been failing in that attempt. Holes or perfection? Delicate balance.

In other news, I didn't kill myself hanging the top right yellow frame even though I considered that a very real possibility as I balanced myself on a 3 ft high laundry basket that slightly hung over the allotted stair and would have needed nothing more that a bit extra weight shifted left or right to send me flying down the stairs. And as my mind envisioned it, I would be landing on my tailbone with my legs somehow over my head in an inverted somersault when this all went down. But yet, I still decided I must do this NOW. I was not willing to wait for a taller human being to help me out. And the risk paid off as I am here to tell the story- with an increased distrust in my decision making skillies.

Now I'll have you know that I've found myself in that same JoAnn's a few more times since. And to top that? I even busted out the iron {that my sister didn't think I owned} to do this project. Not a chance there will be wrinkled frames hanging on my wall except for one straggler, find it if you can! Tell you what, I'm a new woman with these synced up nap times 2x a week while the big kids are at school!


  1. found it!!!!! It's the GREEN one on the right...with you and 2 kids!!!! There are 2 wrinkles???? At least, that's what I saw...don't be blaming it on the crappy online pics, either, girl!!!!!!

    But seriously- it looks FAB, chica!!!!! Great job!

  2. Wow, was that a pinterest recreation or did you just whip that up? i like when mama gets brave ;) and, that loft with the red chair is sweet!

  3. LOVE!!! I have loved this subway art!! Gay I am so proud! And now next time you are in Utah you can come help me :)

  4. Well done crafty Gay! Very cute! And way to just go for it yourself. If you want it to get done, that's the way to go :-)

  5. so you want to come over and help me hang my gallery wall I have been DYING to do! Husband refuses..he hates hanging pictures.

    and so do i


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