Sunday, October 23, 2011

Just a few Randoms....

~What is it about being a girl- actually a lady now- and that time of the month and headaches? Let's not remind me of the 5 pm headache for the last 8 days.

~I was feeling all mature when last Sunday after church I walked my tooshie right up to Yosh and told him I needed a couple of hours to myself, that I would be leaving. I didn't pout, I didn't act all mad and storm out, I just used my big girl words. It went over well.

~And while on the subject, did patience always plummet once a month? I'll be thinking my day is going well and all of a sudden I find myself ready to blow a gasket. I guess I'd forgotten.

~But I forget many things. I have no memory. I used to always laugh when my mom would exasperatedly tell me, "Gabey, I've got Alzheimers." I would remind her she was only 50 and that was impossible. Now I find myself calling her asking for tips...."Mom, how in the world did you make it to 50 before the big A word kicked in? I don't think I can last that long...." It's hopeless.

~I played some school yard game called "Cheeseball" with the boys for a good 15 minutes yesterday. I was no closer to understanding the game at the end of the 15 minutes than I was at the beginning.

~Other signs of aging: Yosh got very excited today when he saw me wearing lace....on my socks.

~I got very excited this weekend when 2 out of the 3 boys opted out of dressing up for the first Halloween party of the season. Next weekend I will find the energy, my friends. Do not fret, we will celebrate Halloween in style.
The Princess is always ready for a party.

~Yosh called me out for too many sugar cereals in the house. And not enough fresh produce. You know things are needing reeled in when Yosh feels the need to step in. (I think I was hovered in a corner with my bowl of Reeses Puffs as I received my scolding.)

Can I confess something? I like the texture these randoms add to life. This is what keeps the boring away. And I've never fared very well with boring.

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  1. i'm loving the " i need a few hours to myself"
    i NEED that too. the question is where did you go? what did you do? please expand. i need ideas!

    love your blog, gay! you are the greatest. love your honesty and your humor.


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