Thursday, May 31, 2012

{Come Sit, Get Cozy}

So let me show you a picture of boring...

That is how our front porch has looked for the last 3 months.
And the 4 months before that, it was completely empty.
And for the 3 years before that sat a lonely little sofa that evoked absolutely no emotion out of me.

And I like emotion.

This furniture was originally meant for the backyard. But when it finally arrived after being on back order for 4 months, and we put it together, I knew right where it REALLY belonged.

So up went a table out back that REALLY belonged there....

...and the vintage green gliders made their home out front.

{furniture: Grandin Road. seat cushions: homemade, but not by me of course. pillows: West Elm. lantern, vase, flowers: Crate and Barrel. star fish: Home Goods.}
I'm hoping the front porch now says,

"Come sit a minute. Get cozy. Make yourself comfortable.
And when you're ready, we'll go inside and chat some more."

 More and more I'm learning, emotion is what I'm REALLY looking for when I try to put an area together! Do you seek emotion when decorating?!!

If you and I were to have a chat, what would you want to chat about? Curious about this!


  1. Seriously Gay... I almost called you yesterday to pick your brain about some stuff! I'd want to talk to you about life... and love.... and all that jazz.... and your porch is CALLING my name!!!

    Looks fabulous!!


  2. Looks amazing. Love those pillows, which would make sense since I love West Elm.

  3. Love love love it!!! Seriously I am dying over that furniture! Nice job Gay!! And I love the post about Disneyland!! GO YOU!! Seriously I never would have even thought to try to take my kids! Now all I need is a plane ticket to come and chat with you on your front porch .... oh bliss!

  4. I think we would start with catching up on one anothers lives (which we never have enough time for) and then we would laugh our booties off reminiscing! I think I am due for a visit so we can spend a few hours breaking in this super cute furniture! Love T

  5. come decorate my porch! looks awesome and so not your everyday, plain old jane look. Way to pull it togethers

  6. In love with that vintage green furniture! What a perfect find! I am can see my self plopping down on that couch with you next to me & some yummy food & not getting up for a long, long time. Good work!


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