Friday, June 1, 2012

Midgets and Sombreros

Ever since I heard this story I've been getting the random chuckles. You know, when you're sitting at dinner and out of nowhere you just start giggling? Or driving down the road and a little outburst hits ya? Gotta love those.

So my friend was telling me about this guy who rehabs apartment buildings and then throws killer parties before he starts renting them out. The better the party, the higher rent he can get out of each a.p.t.

His recent one that he did had a Mexican theme. And what better way to celebrate the Mexican theme than....hiring midgets and have them walk away with sombreros filled with chips and salsa?!!

I've been dying thinking about that. That's just wrong. But a very very funny wrong.

Midgets with Chips and Salsa

PS I don't know if I could bring myself to eat chips and salsa off someone's head.  Even if it was in a sombrero....


  1. I am trusting that you didn't know about this before your Cinco de Mayo party. You wouldn't have even had to hire midgets. I know a few kids that would die to wear hats with food in them!

  2. Next year I'm calling a do over. For sure. Cal and his friends will be at the perfect height…!!!

  3. I once went to a company holiday party where they hired little people to dress as elves. Granted they werent serving food on their heads, but it still weirded us out. I guess they've gotta work too!


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