Monday, June 4, 2012

Subtle Celebrations

....for this little Sir.

 Because he has survived three years in the Casa de Hansen's.
And somehow in three short years has managed to steal the driver's seat!
We partied it up in style at KIDVILLE USA.

Sis ain't afraid to show her moves off.

Deeter absoluuuuutely loved his party. And what's not to love?
Tattoos? Craft airplanes? Sack races? Zipline? Yes, you heard me right....zipline.
Not a chance... nothin but love.
And all the while jammin to some good music.
{Totally caught the parents shaking it also....}

 We capped the fiesta off with pizza and cake and everyone went home a winner!

Sunday- the REAL day- was low key and chill and all about the Deeter.
He finally got the present we've been waiting months to give him. My first "over-the-top" gift.
And I must admit- it was kind of fun. For all of us.

Can we take a minute to appreciate the orange goggles, por favor? You guys, they didn't come off. All day. And they were absolutely adorable. Elevated each scene up a level. Orange goggles make everything funnier. FYI.

And magically, the enchanting tradition continued.... when I got him out of bed, he truly looked a year older and bigger than when I put him to bed 12 hours ago.

I like having a 3-year-old. Especially this Deeter Lucas. He just makes us smile.


  1. Happy Birthday to the little Deetz! I love you!!!

  2. we'll have to bring sailor and sylvie over for a ride!

  3. Oh Happy late Birthday Deeter! I seriously love that little man!! Jack and Liv have one of those jeeps ..... SO FUN!!


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