Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Big Stage

Holy transformation!
It's amazing what moving a rug from one room to another, and swapping a picture here and there, all the while bringing in some borrowed accessories will do to a house. Not to mention the toy room was turned into a regular, adult dining room. I almost feel like it's not my own house!

Which is actually one of the big purposes of staging a home- to make it feel like it's not the seller's home. Did you know that? I didn't until going through the process. The idea is to bring in tons of neutrals and take out any distracting "statement" pieces. You want the buyer to imagine themselves in the home rather than feeling like an intruder and to focus on the house itself rather than what's in the house. Interesting, right?! I found that tid bit out after being shocked that my Anthro chair was getting the boot from the front room. I deemed it one of my best pieces of furniture and thought for sure it was immovable. Not the case. It's soooo pretty....that it would get too much attention. At least that's what they told me in an attempt to protect my wounded ego. 

You know, just to jog your memory.

It's been so crazy to watch our home take on a new face.
Here are a million professional, awesome pictures of what it looks like now with the help of a designer's eye and some borrowed items! 

front porch. chairs were brought to angles.

good bye toy room. hello sophisticated dining room.

brought in green rug from front room. brought in big coffee table and accessories to tie the room together.

took out TV and side table/desk. brought in pink!

turned loft into put together play room/office/reading area. Anthro chair found a new home!

changed orientation of boys' beds to feel bigger. took out headboards.

added greens. emphasized brown on bed.

added spa like towels

took ALL the crap of the counter tops!
Now fingers crossed all this work moves the home off the market fast!
staging done by Kristen Bjorn at Kristinteriors

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