Friday, May 4, 2012

{His and Her Shopping}

Yosh and Porter were out on their date...
 and came home with an outfit or two for the Princess.
I like their style.
 Thank goodness Yosh has a full-time job.
I'm not sure we could afford him having much more free time.
He can't resist dressing his baby girl in cuteness.

For better or worse, my full time job allows shopping to be intertwined if I please. 
I've been admiring and thinking and deciding for a few weeks.
It's now official...
This amazing chair has a new home.
Isn't it gorgeous?!!

Little by little this front room will get completed. And if everything goes MY way, 
This picture  will be front and center above the fireplace.
{Don't worry, Jesus, I have a new place for you!}

What do you think?!!


  1. I am obsessed with that chair Gay! And where did Kaia's outfit come from? Livi needs it:)

  2. P.s. Can't wait to munch on Kaia Marie soon!

  3. Oh my!!! LOVE the chair, love, love!!! That room looks so awesome! I think I need to come visit again to see in person ;) Also Miss Kaia is too adorable and I am DYING they picked that out! SO CUTE!! Miss you guys!

  4. Ali, it's a little baby Gap out fit- so cute!
    Jess, come visit- you and baby man are going to want to escape the madness when he gets here!

  5. First of all I completely love that Yosh bought Kaia outfits while he was out with Porter. That just might be the cutest thing ever! And Secondly, I am love loving that chair! Good work gay on the front room. I think that painting will tie everything together perfectly!

  6. In love with your new chair! I'm with Jess, can we come for a visit and personal audience with that sweet chair?

  7. The chair is brilliant. But I'm really in the market for a similar coffee table. Where did yours come from? It's perfect for little ones who might otherwise hit their head on a sharp corner.


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