Friday, April 26, 2013

Times Keeps on Passing

You would think I'd have a hundred posts ready and waiting to be published after the 3 hours I spent sitting on the tarmac at the Austin airport last night. And don't forget to tack on the 3 hour flight. If my math doesn't fail me- and remember, math is one of my strengths- that equals a total of 6 hours sitting on an airplane. With nothing but one lousy magazine and my computer to keep me entertained. I made the horrible choice of opting out of a Diet Coke and candy while meandering the airport halls before boarding. I made the mature decision of grabbing a water and passing on the candy since I couldn't find any spicy cinnamon bears and that's all that my palette seemed to be calling for.

Rule #1 for traveling:
Always have treats on hand that will entertain your bored self in case of emergency.
Sitting on the tarmac for more than 10 minutes equals emergency.

Point being I think I was so bored and under-sugared that I couldn't even pull my crap together to write one of the hundred posts brewing in my mind.
But alas, after threats of a canceled flight and a million different take off times, we made it home at the party hour of 1 am. There's nothing that makes me feel young like staying up til 1 am. Even if my ny day job starts at 6:30 am. This week I've kind of felt like the Disneyland mom. Our home was getting staged for the big sell as it will be hitting the market on Monday. The staging of our home has made me think, "Man, we should have done this 5 years ago!" It's looking good. Possibly I'll have to post a few pics when I get my hands of the professional ones taken yesterday.

With all the work going on in the home, it was necessary for the crew and I to be out of the home. So Disneyland was literally on the agenda where we got to see Aunt Michelle and Uncle Shawn and kids and Chelsi and Krewz and Baby Zu. That day ended with watching Dallin B's baseball game where the stands were filled, including his teacher and his "friend", Jessie, who received an invite via a hand-written note....
Mm hmmm.

Wednesday I accompanied Porter's class to the Natural History Museum and the Butterfly Pavilion. Those hours were filled with heart pumping moments. My little Pistol let go of my hand for no longer than 7 seconds interludes. He insisted on being hand in hand and it touched me in such a way that left me hungry for a time trap. To bottle up those hours, to bottle up those feelings that made me feel as lucky as I imagine the 20 million dollar Powerball winner feels.
That field trip was followed by taking the babies- Deeter and Kaia- to cute Elliana's birthday party in Camarillo. You know what's so great about these kind of outings? It's the confirmation that comes from not only the willingness, but the excitement, to drive an hour for a four year old's birthday party. Because it reminds me of the relationships we have here in California that barely fall shy of family. How lucky are we to have a group of people that might as well be blood-related? I would say pretty lucky.

So life has been crazy the last couple of weeks. But the best possible kind of crazy out there. It's made me anxious to be around these kids and hear Kaia ask for a "hot tub"- aka, a bath. To hear Dallin talk about "wasting money". Or in other words spending money. "Mom, it's okay. I'm just going to waste my money on this Skylander guy." {If only he knew it really was a waste of money...} To hear Deeter demand to come with me to pick up "the blothers". I will be so sad when he learns to pronounce his r's. And when Dallin realizes his contextual misuse of the word waste and when Kaia reverts back to the boring request of just a bath.

Time is flying by and I'm in a real good spot right now as I feel like I'm actually touching and feeling the moments that make life so incredible.   

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