Monday, March 18, 2013

When Family Cuts You Off

Speaking of losing readers, I'm at least one down.
Yosh cut me out of his daily read routine.
My previously allotted time has surely been reassigned to Cougar Board.
But here's the thing.
Wyclef described my predicament best when he sang, "I can't work no 9 to 5."
And I'll tell you why not.
Because I have too many dang kids. 
And on top of those kids, I got hobbies to attend to.
Which sometimes makes my hours more like 6:30-midnight.
And guess what task sometimes gets assigned to the midnight hour???
And we all know what happens way before after midnight.
And while we're on the subject of that post {take a clicky above if you haven't read it}, I was absolutely shocked by the non-reaction to that post...
that was funny!
I'm beginning to wonder about my sense of humor.
Or maybe I'm beginning to wonder about your sense of humor...
Anyway, the point of all of this--
we're finally arriving to it--
I make a lot of editing errors.
I'm tired, I'm loopy, my senses are dull,
I'm operating at a low 60% and I screw things up.
Misspelled words. Symbols replacing letters. Repeating myself. Not finishing sentences.
The gammett- I screw things up in every way possible.
Well, we have some bad news about this.
Yosh, for one, has had enough.
He's over it.
My blog is DEAD to him.
His heart can no longer take the stress that accompanies the routine of reading a blog post and sending  enraged texts with all the corrections.
So it's only in his best interest--
our best interest--
that he says good-bye to A Girl Named Gay.
Which ironically enough includes all his kids.
And their childhood.
One might flirt with calling him heartless.
I, for one, never would since I'm loyal and forgiving.
But as with most things in life, 
this crushing news comes with a silver lining...
I can finally talk about him here and tell all the embarrassing stories!
Hip hip hooray!
I'm taking requests-- any specific story you want to hear?!!
Love you. babe! xoxox
{PS Speaking of losing readers... Word on the street is Google Reader is shutting down soon. If you only follow me through Google Reader, you can find me on Facebook here where I announce all my posts. I guess Blog Lovin is a place where you can import all the blogs you read also. If any of you were looking for an easy way to quit me, well heaven help you, it's about to be your lucky day! But if you don't want to me to fall off the face of your World, use one of those ways to follow me::)}


  1. Girl I am a die hard! I will follow you forever and forever:-)

  2. ill never quit on you :) your the cutest! excited to hear some embarrassing stories to!

  3. I lost my husband as a reader the day he decided to show his coworkers my really cool blog. He opened it up on the big screen, during a meeting, and there was a picture of my box of tampons! Haha! I love your blog so I'm a faithful reader to the end!

    1. that is pure awesome. Sometimes blogs are like GNO's anyway!

  4. Yosh!! Come on, this blog is awesome! Whatevs, it's better as a girl's club here anyway. PS - word on the street is that all the cool kids are switching to Feedly when Google Readers shuts down July 1.

  5. What could possibly be more embarrassing than the story about him pooping his pants?


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