Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Oh I'll tell You what's on my Mind

What's on My Mind As of Late:
~Let's start with the obvious. Food is on my mind. Y'all, I'm feeling like I may be Top Chef material these days. Why, you ask? Because I've been making homemade pasta sauce. Call me Giada- who I saw crossing the street with her cute kid just this week- but I've got that Orange Sauce down and feel like I could really leave out the pasta since the sauce is so good. Swearsies.

Watch out, Hailey and Dee. I'm figuring out your secrets! But don't worry, I'll still let you cook your bomb Italian for me! 

Here's the recipe link.
Here's the picture:

~Moving to the sweet side of foods. I claimed Fluer de Sel Chocolate Chip Cookies as one of my signature desserts a while ago. So imagine my fascination when I stumbled upon a recipe donning this amazing cookie WITH...nutella stuffed in the middle. Is your mouth watering? It should be.

I stuck with my go-to Ghirardelli Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe rather than this one. {I do want to try their recipe...brown butter? Sounds dangerously delicious.} But I followed their suggestion for how to add the Nutella. And to top it all off, I sprinkled Fleur de Sel on top. You guys....HEAVEN. As confirmed by me and 10 of my closest people.

~Apparently my girl, Whitney, has been on my mind since I went ahead and helped myself to all her pins. Pinterest is not my forte. One day I'll figure it out. Until then, I'll keep stealing other people's genius pins::) Thanks for all these recipes, Whit!

~Done with the food. On to life. Do you know what has been on my mind and creating such....what's the word, happiness? fulfillment? I read here about dealing with teenagers. The piece of advice that stuck out the most to me and can be applied NOW as I'm interacting with anyone: young kids, husband, friends, strangers. Here it is:


I am sold! And if I practice this with my kids now, we might be in good shape when we hit the harder years. Hate to put excessive weight on this, BUT...this may have been life changing advice. Most of you are smarter than me and have perfected this little social tact years ago! But here's a fist pump for the slow crowd...we're moving on up!

~Waxing. I know, I know, I wish I would stop sharing these stories with you. I'm still looking to order the muzzle for my brain that may or may not help in this area. Anyways, I finally got over my trauma of my last bikini wax which was a solid two years ago. I decided I needed to go in again. This time I went to a "real" place where Mila took care of me. You guys, BLESS MILA'S HEART. As I was laying on that doctor bed, with the newly laid white paper, and the hot wax was on my cold skin, and let me tell you, when Mila ripped, I latched on. Not like newborn latched on. Like imagine a koala bear wrapped around a tree trunk. Except I'm the koala bear and Mila's arm is tree trunk. I was not letting go. Did you know quitting in the middle beginning of a waxing isn't an option? With each rip, she lectured. "You know you can't shave and wax..." RIP. "You've got to choose one or the other." RIP. "It's always going to hurt if you continue to shave." RIP. 

So the question shave or wax? I can't imagine this as a painless procedure. But Mila has spoken- if I give up shaving, I will also be relinquishing pain. And I can't imagine that being further from the truth. I must admit, I'm leaning towards becoming a full-time waxer just to prove her words ludicrous.

And that, my friends, is what is on my mind.
Do you care to share what's on your mind???


  1. My boss here at work had us print that saying and post it all over the office. Working with so many different types of people there have been many times this becomes handy. It is hard to remember sometimes in the heat of the moment though I have learned at home but such great advice. Stop something before it becomes something much bigger.

  2. your girl mila is right. the more you wax the easier it will get because you are damaging the hair follicles and over time the hair just stops growing. It will also be more even because shaving leaves the hair at all different stages... that's why you feel like you have to shave all the time.
    take an ibuprofen before and that will help with the pain (thins your blood) and there is also bikini numbing cream you can put on 20 min before your appt. that helps.
    I can tell you more than you ever want to know about hair and zits :) heheh

  3. Love that saying. Fist pump for me too, I'm still learning. Another one that I saw recently and have been thinking about is listen to understand, not to respond. I'll have to try that pastA sauce. My kids love pasta

  4. Can't wait to try that pasta recipe! Looks amazing, and I've been wanting to try those cookies with Nutella, I just don't want to buy the Nutella cause then I'll have it in my house and it will tempt me! Also loved the article you linked, something I always need a reminder of- and I don't even have a teenager. But I totally agree it can be applied to our interactions with anyone!

  5. You should probably know that I'm giving Top Chef some serious competition myself. Tonight I gave los ninos 3 options for dinner and they opted for Mini Wheats instead.

  6. Home girl- STOP waxing and shaving! Electrolysis ! It's a must barely even hurts and lasts for years... It changed my life!

  7. Look at you go! I am so incredibly proud of you, Gay. Making pioneer woman's tomato cream pasta (one of my all time favs) and those nutella stuffed cookies... oh my! I only wish you were my neighbor and could invite myself over for all this yummy food. I am going to start pinning more of my favorite/ simple recipes for you & you keep peeking at my pinterest.


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