Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Stupid Dumb Butt times 2

I'm coming to the close of another night and dare I admit, I'm sitting on the couch letting out a heavy sigh of relief?
Well, I am.
I have been on pins and needles all day and, alas, I can rest easy.
I will now explain why.
In case Deeter reads this as a tender tween (are tweens tender and sensitive?), I will water down my next statement:
Deeter has been terrible this week.
I've never denied the fact that I'm a bit slow to catch on to things, 
and this case was no exception.
For a while I thought he was acting bad because of the time change/lack of sleep.
And then because he was mad that the boys started school and he didn't.
And then this week, when he was downright terrible for two days, I had run out of excuses.
The light finally went on that the move is surely to blame.
But it's time to move on, buddy.
I think my final wake up call was hearing Kaia cuss out a few adorable guys who thought they were saving her life. They told her not to touch a piping hot stove and she about lost in on their a.s.s. es.
"You dumb butt boys. Stupid boys. I don't care. Stupid dumb butt. I hate you," and on and on and on.
I kid you not.
A good 2 minute rant.
And you know who she sounded exactly like?
Uh huh, her greatest mentor, Big Papa Deetz in the house.

And you know that saying, you gotz to nip it in the bud.
And we knew who the bud was.
I could give two craps about the time change, the school mishap, or even the move.
I was over it.
Sympathetic mom up and moved out on Deeter two days ago.
In came Nanny 911 wannabe in her place.

I think I had the boy in time out for a solid hour and a half yesterday.
And all the while, he was threatened with a solid, forceful flick in the mouth if another ugly word came out of his mouth.
Things were getting for real.
We played hard ball like the best of them.
I went to bed depressed and exhausted.
Have no idea if The Sir could say the same or not.

But today?
Today I cringed when I told him it was time to turn off electronics and go to school.
Much to my surprise, he said ok and turned it off.
I braced myself when it was time to leave his friend's house.
He thought about fighting and started to talk mean,
but one little distraction later and we were in the clear.
Dinner went fine.
Bedtime was great.

And I feel like 20 pounds have been lifted off my shoulders.
I can't tell you the last time I had a day where I wasn't called a stupid girl or a mean mom, or the last day I wasn't the recipient of a soulful "I hate you".
Times are changing y'all and I'm not fighting it.

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