Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Cruisin in the kitchen

I was really going to have my blog post looking sharp and put together in a POLYVORE.
For real.
I even googled "how to make a polyvore" but alas, once again I proved myself completely incapable of anything techy. I'm a lost hope. So I'm doing boring normal pics.

But about what I wanted to share polyvore or not...
 I'm loving a little bit of the decorating we got going on in the new casa right now. Granted, all this new "decorating" is merely in the planning stage but in my mind it looks awesome!

So here's a little preview of what we got going on in the breakfast nook area.

Current state:
This mess. As tempting as it is to leave the high chair and the mini potty....

Standing from the breakfast nook, this is your view:
My Spic and Span Kitchen.

Please take note of the beautiful blue subway tile. 
True love affair.

Now to fill in the space...
Please envision with me.

I'm having an L-shaped bench built that will sit perfectly against the wall.
That built-in bench, and possibly the four bar stools, will be topped with laminated/vinyl cushions made from this here AWESOME material.

For the table, I picked a vintage-y cafe table held up by pedestal B.

And then we'll have 2 of these chairs opposite the bench. A nice, subtle detail is that the back of the chairs are a light gray color which ties in perfectly.

And last but definitely not least....
is my art.
Pure art.
My sister-in-law edited the picture below so that I can blow it up into a 20x30 in. canvas that will serve as the centerpiece for some kind of picture gallery that I'll put together!!!!
Girls, you didn't think I'd have you anywhere other than front and center, did ya?!!!

I'm super excited to see how it all comes together!
I think it'll take a good 6 weeks to get everything here and done so it better be worth the wait!
Stay tuned for the "after" pic!

{PS for real, how do you put together a polyvore? Surely it can't be that hard...} 

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