Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Nothing Makes me Run Away Faster than Running Away from Responsibility

Do you know I spent the 6-8:00 hours debating whether I was going to blog or "skinny" my house once the kids went to bed? And to be honest, my preference would've been d) none of the above, neither. But somehow that option didn't make it to the list. Until I got a last minute text being all, 
"Hey, come watch the Bachelor."
And considering I had never watched a single episode this season, it only seemed right for me to go wait on the edge of my seat for the moment where Sean confessed his love to the girl... right before telling her she wasn't the one. And not to mention the fact that I'll take any chance to hang out with my one and only, Annie. And she wouldn't make me blog or skinny up, in any sense of the word.
So I bailed on anything productive.
Which somehow produced productivity considering the fact that it's
11:00 pm and I'm warranting it a good time to get my blog on.
Are you feeling the curious weaving we got going on???
I'm intrigued.
It's just that sometimes I think I run away from work/problems/responsibility/expectations.
This whole skinnying up the house- 
ie:: throw all the kids toys away while they're not looking- to get it ready to put on the market is a must-do.
But before attacking that must-do list this morning, I decided I needed to do my daily exercise, 
that somehow skyrocketed to the priority number one spot apparently.
I stepped outside to do what?? Go to the gym? Go on a little jog?
I can't say I remember for sure.
But I do remember the sun shining and it being an absolutely gorgeous day.
I kind of think God talks to me through light.
The more intense light, the more impossible to sit still, to plan, to do anything less than spontaneous.
And as I got to running and was trying to pick a route,
I kept feeling the urge to run by the ocean.
Which is really nothing short of a temptation in the true sense of the word
because you couldn't pick a longer 3 mile stretch than the 3 miles done oceanside.
I kid you not. I'm not being one bit facetious.
I can't explain the por que of it but....
it never ends.
It's like running to a mirage.
The Santa Monica Pier ferris wheel is always in view,
yet never moves closer.
It's torturous and I know this.
Yet, I couldn't resist and so I took off from my house,
to the boardwalk, to Yosh's work.
And it actually wasn't torturous at all.
In fact, it's the longest run I've been on since October 6th.
That's what light does to me.
And running away from responsibility.
It's so inspiring.
I drove myself home just in time to be out of time
for the skinnying process.
But later that day, sun and opportunity struck again
and this was the result:
And when Yosh walked his happy booty in the door from work,
I could barely contain my excitement and broke out the above picture to share.
Without skipping a beat, he started talking all quick and worried-like, saying,
"Ok, Gay, what's in there? Can we make a deal? You cannot give anything of mine away without asking me first."
Homeboy is obviously still traumatized from that time 8 years ago when I threatened to get rid of his "favorite pants"- some 1990 cargo pants that were oh-so-flattering.
Well when I saw what a rise that got out of him,
it would've been pure disrespect to all things funny to not continue with the 
claims of donating those dream pants.
I had him on pins and needles for a good two weeks.
And I don't think I've laughed as hard since.
That stuff is funny,
I don't care what anyone says!
 I could see no way around using that fear as a source of fuel to get him in gear.
I told him that if he started going through things himself,
there would be no need for me to see anything of his
and therefore all of his treasures would be safe.
Get to crackin, Sir Hansen,
I would hate for your tribal accessories to get "lost" in the move.
Are a lot of husbands like this? Paranoid of being stripped of their 7th grade trophies? Their baseball card collections? I think it's adorable and disturbing all at the same time.
I think I'm a somewhat disconnected person...
{coming from a girl who throws anything and EVERYTHING away...}
But I just can't deny the thrill I get from a Goodwill run.
That is almost as intoxicating as the sun.
Do you agree?


  1. My husband is so that way! I have boxes of baseball cards, as well as huge containers full of "game used" BYU football jerseys. Whenever I threaten to get rid if them I always hear "but they're game used!" These boxes have literally been hauled all across the country with our moves. The west, Midwest, northeast, and now our upcoming move to the south. I guess I can be grateful that I'm not the one who has to pack them this time... Thank you relocation package!

    1. This cracks me up. And I must admit it's kind of cute. You all are quite the movers! Good luck on this next one.

  2. I can't believe the back of your van! That's some serious unloading. You've got ths. Maybe our meet-up should be for a run instead of a clean-out!

    1. And would you believe the front was pretty full too? And that I made another trip today? I must admit I'm pretty good at throwing stuff away. It's much easier than the alternative for me....organizing. Don't worry- I'll leave that part for you!

  3. Could not agree with you more!

    In fact, you have inspired me to make a run at dejunking this weekend. And the sunshine, well, I will just tell you that everyday for at least a solid 30 minutes, I get an otter pop & sit on my front porch in the direct sunlight and do absolutely nothing, but close my eyes and soak it in. I don't care what anyone says, its just plain good for your soul!

    Good for you for sneaking away for a good long run in the sun. Nothing better.

  4. I'm so happy you partook of the Bach experience! And look u even got all this purging done! Win win! What am I going to do when you leave!!!

  5. Your brother is the worst! Still toting around his crown from when he was prom king. Never lets me throw anything away...drives me nuts! But then again, that's one of the things I love most about him , all his sentimental quirks!

    1. That crown might have been the height of his power...I'd hold onto that bad bay too! I don't know why it always seems so strange to me when boys are more attached {aka pack rats!} than girls. Oh well!


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