Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Anything Goes

I'm a big fan of perforations.
It makes the tear so much easier and cleaner.
It separates so clearly.
It creates a distinct line.

In life, the natural perforations are a great time to reflect,
to gain an understanding from past to present time.
To create a contained space to examine and understand.
I feel like I've got a lot of perforating going on right now...

This past weekend Dallin was up on the big stage doing his thing as Billy Crocker in the play
"Anything Goes." You all-- Dallin B's a performer! He does very well at it! I always talk about my boys and their sports and I think I forget to mention some of these side notes that really shouldn't be side notes at all.

For the last 6 months, Dallin's been putting in his time to get ready for this play.
Every Monday he's had tap class for an hour. Yes, he owns a pair of tap shoes.
Proudly, I might add.
Which is one thing I love about B-
he owns whatever he chooses to do, no apologies.
Every Wednesday he's had a 2 hour class.
On top of that, he was expected to learn
a freaking novel's worth of lines.
And not to mention, the 6 or so songs.
That was his part.

And amongst all the schlepping to and from, 
and writing of checks,
I feel like I'm always keeping my fingers crossed
that all this effort is worth it.
It's hard doing things from the beginning to the end
instead of seeing them from the end to the beginning.

But then the end comes...

 And the end wipes away any worry that I could have been doing anything more important
with my time than driving carpool,
wipes away any thought that the money was a waste.

That natural perforation allows an opportunity to divide real time perspective
from 20/20 perspective.
And all of a sudden,
the value of the experience is crystal clear.
It was all worth it, baby!
He's growing in confidence and public speaking skills
and responsibility and memorization.
He's learning good things that will serve him well in life.
This little sir shined like a star.
We're pretty proud of all the work he put into this.


  1. Oh my goodness! He is the cutest thing I've ever seen. I only wish I could have seen it up close & personal. What a sweet boy you have, well done Mama!

    Do you think there will be too big of an age gap between him & baby girl Howes on the way? That Dallin is a keeper.

  2. He was awesome! You are making amazing things happen for those kids! Well done Gizay!

    1. Oh you make me feel good, kady! haha! So glad your crew came and watched-- he loves having a fan club!


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