Thursday, September 6, 2012

{Half-Nakie, Half-Serious}


Pace doesn't matter, what you look like doesn't matter, how long doesn't matter, how far doesn't matter.
All that matters is that you're doing something.
Something active. Something that makes you move your body.

There aren't many guarantees with working out. 
I can't tell you you'll for surely lose weight.
I can't tell you you won't go eat your burned calories for dinner.
I can't tell you it'll make that certain someone wanna squeeze your buns.

I can guarantee if you go out and move your body and treat yourself like a freakin superstar while doing it, you'll feel happier. You'll feel productive. You'll feel accomplished.

A couple weeks ago, I asked you to write in if you were struggling with the work-out scene. 
Because I was. And guess what??? I wasn't the only one. Shocker! How often is that in life, that we're not the only one, we're not alone?!! I love that.
So you remember that one little picture, where some kid (maybe Peanuts or whatever his name is from Snoopy???) fell asleep on an open book and the caption said, "Learning by osmosis"? Come on, you remember that right? Well, what's the equivalent of becoming the words you wear? You are what you wear? Becoming by osmosis?
Call it what you want but I'm jumping on that bus!
Yea, don't bother being embarrassed for me. I'm already laying in my bed with the covers over my head. I went ahead and took care of that We should feel real embarrassed for this girl all by myself. 

But here's the thing. Remember this post? Helloooooooooo....I'm a believer, what can I say! And when I'm believing in something, I can't help but wanna share the love, ya know. 

One of our readers wrote in and said,
In a nutshell… I too went to the gym for the first time in forever and it was not pretty.   I don’t know why I can’t stay consistent with working out….is it my personality?  Maybe so.  The only thing I feel consistent in is my Sun-Drop and Reece cup consumption(yes always together).  I know if I could kick those two habits (or at least scale  back. lets not get too eager) and work out regularly I know could trim some fat and maybe see some muscles.  But I just get lazy and can fall out of the habit so quick!!   It makes me angry because I know how good I feel when I am working out on a regular basis but yet I fall back into bad habits….uggh it’s a struggle.
 And to that reader, I say....I feel ya! I don't have all- or maybe any!- of the answers, but I have a little motivation to strap on right across those boobies to remind you that all of us at AGNG are cheering you on and believe in you....
We're sending you a twinner sports bra that'll remind you to


 And to a couple others of you that wrote in, we're sending you my favorite book...

{click above for more info on the book}

And you know what, if all of you were in my living room, I'd make you sign the book with words of encouragement! But since you're not, share the love in the comments section. Do you have a quote that motivates you? A mantra that you say to yourself? Put something positive out there!
And in you're needing some support, come read these! 

Now get off that computer and run or jump up and down or dance or do something!

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  1. A while back when I was struggling to put forth the effort to get to the gym I was chatting with my sister about it and she gave me some wise words that have stuck with me. "At the end of the day, you'll never regret making the time to work out."

  2. I saw a quote on pinterest I liked " you don't always get what you wish for, you get what you worked for!" a good reminder that I have to work for the results I want. Which is sometimes hard to remember to push myself a little harder so etimes!

  3. You are AWESOME Gay! I pinned a quote tonight saying 'If you're tired of starting over, quit giving up' and I nodded my head, got off the couch, did a 30 minute work out and just told myself - got it. Cause I do, I've got this. I'm a crazy fricken strong person and if I can live through and overcome some of the things that I have in my life, I can do this. I mean - THIS should be a piece of cake. So I've got this. And thank you, thank you for your encouragement. Again, you are awesome!

  4. "don't trade what you want most for what you want at the moment". ... It also applies well to parenting

  5. GREAT post! love how you write! thanks for making me smile! xoxo,ashley

  6. I couldn't agree with you's so hard to motivate yourself. I started running when I hit the big 30. After my first run I was for sure I was about to die of a heart attack. I was just pleased that they could say at my funeral that she was trying to get a smaller butt and a tight stomach when she died!! :) Now almost 6 years later I have signed up for my fist I am certain I will die of that heart attack!! HA!!

    "Don't do it because you it because you think you can't"

  7. On the days when it really sucks - the sooner I do it, the sooner it's over. I've also been telling myself (I think I read it here) at the end of the day I won't remember how much it hurt, only that I didn't quit.

  8. If dancing counts then occasionally I'm covered. Thank goodness! Love the twinner bra - now only if I had some boobies.


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