Friday, August 31, 2012

{Project: BEGINNING}

Oh Happy Friday!
I have a feeling this is gonna be a real good weekend.
But before I can get my weekend on....
it's business time. 

Please, get out your calendars and take note of a thing or two.
Oh, yes, and put on your thinking caps.

So last week, remember Miss Chelsi J paid us a visit?
{And I think I can revert back to just calling her Chelsi. But Miss Chelsi J just has a ring to it!}
Well, remember we had these HUGE unrevealed plans that have kept you up in anticipation all week?

What?? They haven't?
I'm shocked.

But actually relieved. Because I would hate to oversell our project, you know the one where all my followers are getting.....


Ok, kidding kidding. My day for doing Oprah-isms has not yet come.

But during the month of September, we wanna do something a little bit fun. A type of corroboration with the readers, if you will. Now before you get all nervous and are looking to bail, here a sista out. It's not a commitment. Come on now, do you think this commitment-phobia mama would be asking for a big commitment from you???

Just fun.
Just wanna have fun!

And here it is:
Send in a picture.

As pie, baby!

And Chels is going to take ALL the pics we receive (which better be more than two. PLEASE make it more than two, ya'll) and do a thing or two with all of them. And THEN, she's gonna show all the readers what she's been working on, what YOU'VE been working on. This will happen on September 31.

Gotcha! There is no 31st.
So we're sticking with September 30th.

The pictures were asking you to submit have a theme. And the September theme is:


You can take that word and use it as literally or loosey-goosey as you like.
As artsy or rudimentary as you're capable.
It's not a contest, it's not competition.
It's simply sharing something.

For examples,
Here are my boys at the beginning of football season:
And my corn at the beginning of the grilled corn on the cob process:
You best believe I'll be emailing these pics in ASAP.
And please, email yours there as well.

And I think I'm feeling the need to close this project introduction....
with a poem.
That I will make up as I go.

Grab a camera or more likely a phone,
Skip pass the shot that is already full-blown.
Instead find the seed that appears all alone
where the bloom's still hidden beneath the unknown.

And that's a wrap. A rusty one, but a wrap still the same!
Now get to snapping and sending and participating!

a girl named gizay

(if you use Instagram for this, put the hashtag #AGNG so we can get some previews!)

stalk AGNG:


  1. You are so talking my language right now. Can we send more than one photo or should we decide on just one?

  2. You can send more than one! Excited to see what you come up with!

  3. Can't wait! You know how I love my instagram. :) This sounds fun!


Don't hate. Participate. Conversate.


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