Tuesday, August 14, 2012

{Coming out of the Closet}

I remember the night the idea entered my brain, triggering the adrenaline that entered my veins.

I wanted to start blogging. Like consistent, committed blogging.

Somehow this virgin thought was EXHILARATING! 

I woke up the next morning- still on a bit of a high- and spilled the beans to one of my friends. She dreamed out loud with me, brainstormed on ideas, and stroked my ego. A couple days later, she announced- at 5:30 a.m. none the less- that she had thought of the perfect name...
A Girl Named Gay.
This was all the coaxing and pushing and ideas I needed...I was IN!

And so I started writing. Simply because I loved to write. And I wanted to document. And I wanted to experience life a bit more acutely.

That was almost 11 months ago. 11 months ago, my dream was giddy and simple and not very intentional. It was the beginning. It was just how I like beginnings- very approachable and friendly! 

I was recently watching some volleyball during the Olympics and Carrie Walsh made the comment, "I always knew I wanted to be a working mom." And you know what my immediate thought was....."Well, heck yea, I'd be a working mom too if I could be a volleyball player!" I love volleyball, like love it! If I had the option of doing something I love, it wouldn't even be a question whether or not I would balance that with my other love....mommying. 

And then it hit me....I am doing something I love! Like loooove. And if I love doing it, then I should balance it with mommying.

Which is why I'm about to start operation "Pimp my Blog".

In these 11 months, I've learned a lot. A lot. Not so much about blogging, but a lot about myself. And part of that growth has unleashed something very beautiful...I'm ready to dream. Wait, scratch that. I've always been a dreamer. I'm ready to dream big. I'm ready to believe in those dreams, which is only possible if I believe in myself. My intentions with my blog have taken more shape and definition in this short amount of time. And guess what??? I know what my ultimate dream with this blog would be!

And because I'll be talking up "The Power of Confession," I'm abouts to confess! Oh heaven help me, there better be some power in this!

K, my dreams are a one-two knock out.


#1: Would love to make money with this blog {although I don't know how blogs  make money} and throw a lot of money back into the blog! Like, awesome give aways. Think a weekend get-away for 2 at a wellness resort. Think a mom's day away to the spa to rejuvenate and find her center. Think 6 months worth of diapers. Those types of things. All little helpers to make a woman/mother's life a little bit easier and more enjoyable, if even for a day. We're talking mini-Oprah-isms!

#2: I'd be lying if I said I haven't fantasized about this blog going viral. Dream big, right?!! So when if my blog were to go viral, what would I do??? Helloooooooo, I must have the answers to these type of questions if it's really going to happen! And I came up with it. I know what I would love to do. I have absolutely no desire to write a book. No, I wouldn't retire and move to Costa Rica. Nor would I go start an orphanage in Africa. This....is what I would do: I would love to do some type of public speaking- whether at conferences or something of the sort- inspiring women to come into their own. To love themselves. To not be their own worst enemy. I would love to share some of my own experiences and inspire others to create their own oh-so-ordinary, yet extraordinary, heroic story. I would love to help other women see they are good enough just the way they are.

So there you have it! Universe, go on ahead and get on doing that thing that you do when people spit out mad confessions!

It's out! Now share....what are some of your BIG dreams? Not just dreams. Like go-big-or-go-home dreams??? 


  1. This would be amazing!! You ALREADY are amazing at what you do, that would be so cool for EVERYONE to know!! I could use some of your inspiration:) Love ya Gay, and your big ol' dreams!

  2. Gizay, I have to admit that it was not until recently that I started following your blog on a more regular basis. And I have to say that I love it and I look forward to reading what you have to say. You have always been good at making dreams comes true so I am sure it will only be time before this one comes true too!

    1. JBlue- well sweetest thing ever to say! gotta be glad some of the back in the day dreams didn't come true, right?!!!

  3. You go girl! You are inspiration to us all! Keep on writing and I can't wait to buy my ticket to guest speaker, Miss Gizay! XO

    1. oh you won't be buying a ticket....you'll be covering the premises from head to toe in candy! i got big plans for us! haha!

  4. Ever since I started reading your blog I have always thought you need to go viral! You are such a talented writer and you always seem to relate to all us women, no matter where we are in life! I hope your dreams come true Gay!!

    1. well thanks mariah! see, your positive thinking is gonna help it happen one day!

  5. we have the same dream...i love the ladies, and not in a pervy way. I love women and who we are and what we're made of and how we take life. Inspiring women to be fantastic women is beautiful. i love it! you'd be a kick-butt public speaker.

  6. I'm glad you dreamed of being a hard-core blogger, cause it is always so fun to read. I have no idea how blogs make money or go viral, but I think you can do it.

  7. So proud of you! You know I am behind you 110%. I'm ready for this pimped out blog Gay!

  8. I have so much faith in you Gay, I know you can do it! You are an amazing writer/person and deserve great things! Love ya Anneli


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