Friday, August 24, 2012

We've been waiting years to say this.....

How does that saying go, the one about robbing the cradle or something? Well....that's me. I'm kinda in love. With someone 10 years younger than me. And this love affair began 9 nine years ago. Please, STOP. Don't do the math. Don't subtract the years. Don't call 911. 
Just relax and read as she-- yes, SHE-- tells the story that made me fall head over heels for her.


I'm so excited about this guest post.
Sit back and relax while I tell you the story of how I met a Girl named Gay.

 Miss Chelsi J meets a Girl named Gay.  It was back in the summer of '03. My brother and I had been partners. We traveled, we shopped, and I admired- him being the oldest and me being the youngest, it was always a good but different relationship. When he got home from his mission things changed. I was his buddy. So, when I got invited to go to a dodger game, and then fly to St. Louis to meet his new honey. I. Was. In. I remember Gay picking us up in her little Protege. She showed us around town, but the only part that I actually retained was when she showed us where Nelly went to High School.
We had plans to drive to the Nauvoo Temple. Road trip baby. Another couple came with us, and there I was in the middle, more than enjoying my 5th Wheel experience.
We (I) had a great time. I was all grown up with these "in love" couples. I was keepin my cool and totally fitting in. Somehow we ended up at this spider infested location... to sleep. I was like okay. This is totally what college people do. Gay Gay and I were destined to be bed partners.
To this very day we talk about how I cuddled all night long. Literally, leg wrapped around her body, arms holding tight. You get the idea. This was the first time we met, but I knew exactly where this relationship was going. I may have cuddled with her before my brother even got some spooning himself.
Before Yosh and I were about to fly home, we went to lunch. I told them of all my dreams. What I was going to become and how I was going to get there etc. All the while murdering my poor Salad. I was getting in a good 85 stabs per minute, like the most experienced of secretaries. I was talking a million miles, and stabbing my fork into that crisp Romaine. Nonetheless, a 13 yr old girl had dreams and they were there to listen.

I can honestly say that my girl Gay has not given up on me.
She has Pushed. Inspired. Listened.
She has known all along that some way, some how, (I) WE were going to fulfill dreams.
Whether its Ours. Yours. Or a Strangers.
So, although we began long ago, we're ready for this. This- a New beginning.
So get ready.
Miss Chelsi J meets A Girl Named Gay.


Oh, I just love Chels. And to clarify any doubts...I definitely spooned with her before Yosh! She wasted no time putting me in my place!
I remember that lunch vividly. I kept thinking, "For a 13 year old, this girl sure knows what she wants!" And most importantly being impressed that she wanted something. She was a dreamer and that has always been very attractive to me. Next week, Miss Chelsi J is coming back to help with a FUN project on A Girl named Gay. And here's a little also includes all of YOU....get excited and psyche yourself up to become part of Team A Girl named Gay, yea baby! Haha! Any guesses?!

get to know Chelsi better on Insta. clicky click here for her personality in pics----->chelj

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  1. Chelsi sounds like such a wonderful person to have in your life!

  2. Chels, I love that the one thing you remembered from your trip with Gay was where Nelly lived. I laughed out loud! I can just picture Gay driving you by & telling you all about it. My girl Gay loves her Hip hop stars. :)


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