Friday, September 7, 2012


Actually, I should call this post 
{WTF}- in no particular order. 
Or possibly
{WTF}- in reverse order.

I'm talking about the Yosh Train McGain.
The man in this picture.
Far greater mom than me.
Why have you never seen a picture like this with me and the kids?
Because this scene has never happened!
When I quit my job, I already know who the perfect replacement will be...
{Better yet, maybe I'll get fired. Or take a sabbatical. Or a leave of absence....with pay? Hmmm maybe that is a sabbatical.}

Too smart for my own good.
Yes you read correctly...he's too smart for my own good. 
See, the Yosh Train and I are supposed to share this here driveway.
The other day, after being forced to the street when coming home and finding no room to park his car in the driveway for the 307th time, and after listening to me tell my same ole story- Well, I thought I was going to leave again so i didn't park good but ended up not leaving again...- straight genius left his mouth,
"Gay....why don't you just park good every time."
Problem solved...
smarty pants.

Please note the rocks.
These rocks arrived a year ago. And at the beginning, I ran into them every time I did a legit pull-in-the-driveway-make-room-for-two-cars park job. After displacing these rocks mucho times, Yosh finally put out the request, 
"Do you think you could at least hit the rocks backing up on your way out every now and then also?"
Something about he was getting sick of moving them back into place......

I mean, seriously, who would've thought I'd land such a prize? 
Like, WTF?!!

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  1. Gay, you sound like you a need a break! Maybe I need to arrange a girl's night out stat!!

  2. That first scene would never happen in my house with Mom because Dad has a different power over these kids. When they see me they remember all the things they need: snacks, help with homework, finding their shoes, etc.. When Dad's around, it's time to round up the troops and do some serious family hang-out time.

  3. Great post!! :) Loved how you put it together. WTF! :)

    Happy to be your newest GFC follower. If you have a moment and would like to, you can visit me here The Things We Find Inside


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