Monday, October 12, 2015

Columbus Day

Ahhhhh I love a three day weekend.
I don't even remember getting off for Columbus Day as a kid, but that's not saying much.
Either way, I'm grateful to be sitting in my bed right now, going on episode #3 of Gray's for the day all in the name of "work".
Allbeit, my work has consisted of finally buying our Fiji photo album book with a credit card that had fraud committed on it has since been cancelled and for surely will come back as a rejected purchase. Again. And again I won't be able to figure out how to change the billing info. Which will lead to me getting frustrated and convinced I'm an absolute idiot because I can't figure out the simplest things.
So I hold on to a moment of false confidence where the purchase temporarily went through. And I temporarily get to feel successful and productive.

While I'm "working", Kaia conveniently invited herself to be the third wheel at Vance and Maggie's playdate next door. My only wish is that she stayed on as the third wheel and didn't absolutely take over and elbow out the host, Vance, leaving him as the new third wheel.

Kaia hustled out of the pool to crash that play date by the way. The kids were all swimming on October 12th- how awesome is that! Porter had already left the pool because something about Dallin being mean. I don't believe or discount the accusation but they're somewhere close to a dime a dozen. It's not seamless work being both brothers and best friends!

Currently, the three boys are in the office playing "one" game of Xbox at my suggestion. Admittedly, I was in the middle of my "last" Gray's episode and needed to buy just a teeny more time. They were thrilled with my rare offer.

Which is how we all find ourselves in a win win situation currently.

Now I'm off to take them bowling. Not because I know if Meredith and McDreamy end up together, because they're still stringing out that drama and I have a feeling I'd be watching for a straight 16 hours if that were where I drew the line, but because an episode ended and I'm determined to make good on my promise to take them bowling. 

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