Sunday, August 30, 2015

B man

Dang, I've been wanting to give a Dallin B "update".
 The thing about being an infrequent blogger is I write about something and bear (bare?) my soul and how it's feeling in that exact moment, and because there is no follow-up, what may have only been a vulnerable moment or bad day or a glitch in syncing up, becomes a permanent state of being.

Guys, Dallin B is great! He's still my amazing little man! While I'm sure the tween years are upon us, they're not here yet! There are glimpses of how that stage is going to be but we're not there.

The B man is doing full on tackle football. Holy moly it makes me feel like he became a man overnight! There really is nothing cuter than these little guys in full pads and real football uniforms. The commitment is real- practice twice during the week, play meeting once, another practice or game on the weekend. He's been going through the highs and lows of committing to something hard and new and sticking with it. One night he has the best practice ever and confidence is soaring and the next time he ends in tears due to a bad night or self-doubt or whatever else. There's so many life lessons wrapped in something as insignificant as football! I must admit, despite the time commitment and everything else, it's fun!

I love watching Dallin approach life. We're only a week deep into school and he's come home with two more little activities he needs to add to his schedule (choir and recorder choir). I love that about him, how he jumps in and fills his life with a bunch of good stuff. I'm doing my best to try to keep up and accommodate! If this is how he's going to keep me on my toes, I'll take it! Ha!

Anyway, he's a great kid and I love being his mamacita.  

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