Sunday, December 13, 2015


It's like halfway through December. Which means we're about to start another year. What the heck. But seriously, how is it that time passes so much more quickly as an adult?

Anyway, I'm sitting at home alone. The crew went to the Main Street Bethlehem outing tonight but I called in sick. I threatened to go to a movie alone but alas, here I am, sitting on the couch watching yet another episode of Grey's Anatomy while I "work". Noneya what my work is. But it's legit. And while I'm not quite sick, I'm not well. Like I my throat hurts and sometimes I get a coughing fit and after being awake and productive for more than 4 hours, I'm in totes need of a nap. 

Until tomorrow. Tomorrow I'm deeming myself well because I'm sick of being sick. And I believe in the mind being powerful. Watch me.

So Kaia is crazy. How else do I even put it? Now, I must say it's a good kind of crazy but I'm a bit at a loss. She loves making out with me. And her dad. And I am realllllly hoping that is all she's making out with. By making out I mean she forces me to turn my head one way while she leans hers the opposite way and then goes in for a long, close eyed kiss. Awkward. It's awkward y'all. Where do I even start the conversation with her? Well, since I can't find the beginning I just don't start the convo. And she keeps going strong with the make out sesh.

She's starting school 5 days a week in January. I think it's like a type of breaking up with me. She's been telling me for a while now that she wants to go to school "every day that it's open", as opposed to the Monday Wednesday Friday schedule I've had her on. I finally obliged because, let's be for real, I'm boring. And I really thought I wouldn't be boring. At least two days a week I wasn't going to be boring. But I am. And her request is proof. Must admit I'll miss my little girlfriend. Most Tuesdays and/or Thursday she'll ask me, "Mom, so where do we want to go to lunch today?" Little girlfriend is right. Now I'll be forced to either eat lunch alone or become social. Hmmmm. About that. 

And this is where I wish some kind of job would magically appear. Like 12-15 hours a week of working with high schoolers. Or writing for a deadline where someone actually cares if I get it done or not. And someone actually reads it.  Or where I get paid to have witty conversations with my girlfriends. Which I actually think people would, or at least SHOULD, pay for. Or where I work with other adults doing whatever. I sound kind of desperate huh? It's going to be a lot of alone time which isn't my absolute favorite or productive kind of time. Maybe I'll decide to run marathon just so I HAVE to run like 10 extra hours a week. 

Now that definitely sounds desperate and pathetic.
I'm not doing it.

Ok, I'll close now. I'm finding two new recipes to make because remember I used to be a good cook? I might get back at that. You never know.


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