Friday, May 1, 2015

Life is Not Boring

In fact, it is busy. And the best kind of busy. We are finishing baseball season (at least spring session) and it monopolizes our time. Between Dallin and Porter, we are at the ball fields most nights. With 70-80 degree weather, the Austin city skyline as the back drop, the setting couldn't be more perfect.

Porter is on the Ranger's American League team and has been a pitching machine this season. I think it's safe to say, that's his favorite position. He's done well for his team there. He's also done well at giving the spectators a heart attack as he lopes from 1st to 2nd base while "running" the bases! We definitely need to take some video footage so that porter can see himself in action (or perhaps lack of action is more accurate!) to see what the big deal is! Yosh keeps score for the team on Game Changer and Deeter has adamantly been the helper on this. He wants to do it all by himself and Yosh has said he has to be able to read all the play options to completely independently be in charge. Deeter has stepped up to the plate- he's a full blown reader and score keeper! Pretty neat to watch!

Dallin plays for the Mets on the National League. He's playing catcher and really is such a fun kind to watch. Admittedly, I'm a) biased and b) not in the know enough to compare to others, but I think he's pretty good. Baseball is intuitive to him and he's so aware of details that he rarely makes mistakes and, in fact, makes critical plays as a result of simply "getting" baseball. Between that and the fact that the level of play in his league is such a jump up from last year, watching his games is a definite highlight of our week. I'm curious to see where his athleticism takes him!

Deeter hates to miss out on the boys' games. This only causes problems when we have 7:30 pm games, which pushes bedtime back to 9:30-10- too late for a 5 year old. He's a dedicated fan! He is also loving his own baseball season. He's on the Rays for coach pitch. Despite his third child status which has led to much less instruction, he's picking up the game and decent at it and is always counting down the days until his next game. He has also started spending more time playing basketball with the big boys. I think we have another sports fanatic on our hands. Deeter, as mentioned, is also a reader. Both Yosh and I love when he reads to us. Dr. Suess has been the author of choice. It's so satisfying to watch him feel accomplished. I really think that is a key to raising good kids-- putting them in situations where their work leads to accomplishment and letting them feel it.

And then there's the Kaia girl. It's tempting to call her Snotty Pants Hans, these days, but I'll refrain. Except that I didn't! I love having a little girl. She loves doing anything and everything with me- cooking, cleaning, playing, erranding-- she's up for it! She loves doing yoga at school on Fridays. She also loves bothering us for more attention at baseball games! Finding little friends to play with at the ball park has been both her and our saving grace! Ha! She's a little fish and is loving the weather warming up as she's been able to swim in the pool more. I have a feeling she'll be our swim team girl. We will see though- there's a big difference between recreationally hanging out in the pool for an hour versus swimming straight laps for an hour!

All in all, I'm in a good mothering phase where I like raising these kids. I swear I was having seasonal depression through March which was making all aspects of life hard to enjoy! Now that the sun is out, I'm in full-fledged I love being a Mom gear!   

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