Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Double Digits

Guys, I almost feel like Dallin turning 10 falls under the category of, "I have to laugh or else all I'd do is cry!" I mean, I'm not trying to be dramatic or act like this is some awful tragedy, but by the same token, I'm halfway done raising my boy!
(No need to tell me, once a mom, always a mom, or any of those other cliches-- I know I'll always have Dallin, but his time in our home is now on the down hill slide.) 

All that being said, I couldn't be prouder of my 10 year old boy or feel more honored to be his mother.

Chick-fil-a school lunch date

Dallin, Colton, Maddox

The card/present opening/cake crew.
Take note of B flashing his dolla bills.

I think we nailed it in the gift department this year. He opened a pair of Dodger headphones that he had been eyeing (but maybe forgot about it?) and was genuinely shocked to see them!

B loves to do things, have experiences if you will. So I took a risk and gave him a handful of dates for his "big" birthday gift. I stuffed a little piece of paper in the balloons and he had to pop them to reveal the different dates. He loved both the method of retrieving the gift and the gift itself….phew! The risk paid off!

Dallin's baseball game got cancelled for that day so he chose to go to Cover 3, a sports bar/restaurant, and watch the play-off basketball game while we had dinner. 

It really was such a fun day (from his perspective too, not just mine!) and we couldn't have been happier to celebrate our sweet B man!

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