Saturday, May 16, 2015

I'm currently watching an episode of Parenthood, while the rest of the house sleeps. When I watch I only pay half attention so I'm still only about 50% on the characters' names. Anyway, in this episode Max and Haddy's dad is "finding himself". He's taking a break and trying to take care of himself. Golly that thought sounds all too familiar. I feel that periodically and, if I'm not mistaken, possibly cyclically that overwhelming feeling to find myself hits me. And also, if I'm not mistaken, it quite possibly links with PMS.

Why am I always ready for big drastic changes right before I start my period? The current state of being is not satisfactory and something needs to change. NOW. Like buying a house, dying my hair the exact opposite of today's color, completely change my parenting style, possibly even change my status as a parent. 

I'm glad it passes.

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