Monday, March 30, 2015


For awhile now, I quite frequently catch my kids sitting and looking through the picture books I make. they conversate back and forth, the pictures the cues…
"Oh yeah, remember when…"
"Look, I remember doing that."
And they go on and on. The point is, they love reliving memories. They're highly engaged in looking back. And that's always been a gift I've wanted to give my kids- the gift of knowing about their past, of remembering their childhood, of knowing their former self. 
So here I am writing. Random tid bits maybe, but glimpses of life still the same.
~Kaia. My absolute favorite right now is when Kaia copies me. She starts mimicking my words and facial expressions and gestures and it is hilarious! She's a funny one. She is also currently a sassy one. This period is most likely foreshadowing her teenage years and, make no mistake, I am scared to death. I hope I take note when she's in a sweeter stage to ease the worry….!
~Deeter is lovey dovey. He's infatuated with Minecraft. He's learning to read on his own. When he gets mad, I diffuse him by either tickling him or declaring, "Put em up" and raising my fists. He is the cutest when he puts em up. I love my Deetz.

~Porter is so just himself. I don't know how to describe it other than that. he's decided he wants to wear a straight billed hat so all of a sudden, he wears a hat most days. And dresses in Volcom. He is declaring basketball his sport of choice and wants to focus on that. He is fiery and the more and more I get to know him, I realize just how alike we are. Such an interesting subject.

~Dallin is doing baseball (as are the other boys) and Yosh and I have both commented just how fun he is to watch. It's not that he's good (he's probably average on his current team), but there's a grace that he plays with. He is still so good to his mama. He misses his dad when he works a lot or is out of town. His social grace and etiquette is beyond his years. He's getting bigger and older right in front of my face and it's kind of killing me.

As a family, we've been watching a lot of The Voice together. We're slightly obsessed. It's great to have a family obsession though! We spend a lot of time at the First Street ball fields. When the weather is good, there's no place I'd rather be! The back drop is Austin's skyline, baseball is America's sport, and life is good. And…family time, right?!! It's something we all are doing together!
We're currently coming up with a summer bucket list and, let me tell you, THAT gets me excited…!

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