Friday, June 20, 2014

The Cup

Baseball days of summer are here. June might as well be coined Baseball Month. Dallin and Porter were both asked to play on the All Star team so between the two of them, we were doing baseball at least 6 days a week. Considering school was out and we had nothing on the agenda, this ended up being a great evening outing- slow mornings, a small afternoon activity, and baseball at night! Woohoo!

Now aside from the actual baseball, another document worthy subject emerged: The Cup. Guess what these boys needed? You guessed it, a cup. We bought Porter's first at a store that was a good 15 minutes away from our house. He looked at and read the package the entire drive home. I mean, at tone point I looked back to see if he had fallen asleep. Not the case. Sure enough, he was intently studying his new gear. Obsessed may or may not be a word that comes to mind when describing the situation. (Porter would definitely vote that he's not obsessed. In fact, he asked me to add that commentary.)

Now onto Dallin. After getting nailed in the weeny pop, his coach insisted on him, too, wearing a cup. "Mom, but he said I have to have it by tomorrow. We have to go buy one NOW." So off to Target we went to remedy the request. We bought a youth small and made our way home. Dallin was getting ready for practice and after precisely inserting the cup into the right position, he came to me for help. "Mom, I need help buttoning my pants." I must say, this was the first time I felt awkward in assisting my son. Trying to get his pants over the ENORMOUS-- emphasis on enormous-- bulge in his crotch was no easy feat. All I'm saying is Target must be part of that glorify sizing because there wasn't anything small about this equipment. Basically, Dallin was walking around looking like a 13-year-old girl with an embarrasingly-obvious stuffed bra. Not cute.

Yes, it has definitely been necessary to document The Cup Era.

And baseball has been great, too. Porter played first base and they were unfortunately eliminated after two games. Dallin has been playing pitcher and it looks like his team will be The Champions. I'll keep ya updated on that one (you know you're on pins and needles…!!!)

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