Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Wait, maybe life is good

The flip side to the arrival of homesickness...
Because there's always a flip side.
have you noticed that about life?
The most current, obvious emotion/situation might be a negative one.
But take a moment and you'll realize something else is going real good.
And vise versa.
Is something real good going on in your life?
Did also bring something a little negative with it?
It usually works out like that.

So even though we're out of the honeymoon stage of moving and dealing with everything that accompanies that, other parts of life are absolutely amazing.
Take Yosh and I for example.
We were chatting the other night and both commented on how good things were between us.
That we're way into each other and have just been clicking for a good spell now.

And the same with the kids.
Feel like we're enjoying the whole parenting gig and taking advantage of more moments and proactively doing more things.
I had a few goals regarding the family when we moved to Texas (i.e.: start cooking Sunday dinners with them, do FHE, weekly family dates where kids take more of an initiative planning, etc) and believe it or not, we've been doing decently. Even three months later. Watch, now that I'm getting all cocky everything's going to go to pot!

So yes, life is good.
A little unsettling?
But the good life coexists quite comfortably with unsettled areas.

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