Sunday, November 10, 2013

I Love LA

I have very few memories of feeling homesick.
When I think back to college, here's no isolated memory that stands out.
My mission definitely has a couple.
In the MTC on multiple occasions I remember wishing that I would get hurt severely enough that I would get honorably dismissed from the whole mission deal but that the injury wouldn't have a really lasting affect....of course.
When I got to Uruguay, day 3 was super hard.
I remember being in the shower just crying, homesick.
But I can't think of many more times.
This month marks a year that we found out a move was most likely in our future.
After finding out, I kept waiting for the reality of it all to hit, for the sadness that I was surely going to feel to emerge.
Months passed.
But it didn't hit me.
And then we were down to weeks.
And, finally, days.
Still, with the exception of a few brief moments, there was no surge of emotion.
We made it to Texas and transitioned very well.
Almost seamlessly.
Funny enough, there were certain words and pictures that triggered waves of homesickness:
Coronado. Hearing that word made me feel sick to my stomach knowing I wasn't a short two hours away. I remember reading a magazine and seeing pictures of Dana Point. The same pang came and stabbed at me. But once again, these were mere moments.
Deeter, Kaia, and I went back to LA on October 17th for a visit. 
And let me tell you, flying into LAX I was downright homesick. The view, the buildings, the familiarity....all of it made my heart just hurt. As I drove down the PCH, all the build up of the previous 11 months finally found the surface.
I felt absolutely homesick.

That feeling made every detail of the trip so much more acute. Instead of smelling good, it literally smelt heavenly. Seeing the Santa Monica "Mountains" rolling down to meet the ocean felt like I had just stepped into a dream. Then being with my people face to face...  I felt on the verge of tears, as if I was reuniting with long lost lovers that I had thought to never see again. While they are my lovers, it had only been two or three months and I always knew I'd see them again!

So it was awesome to be back.

Today I'm writing honestly and admitting that I miss California.
I miss home.
A lot.
I do like Texas.
But I love Southern California.
And I love the community I had there.

I try not to put timelines on my life and I try not to look forward to future events too much in an effort to enjoy the now and adjust to the here.
But this weekend I'm reminding myself that Austin is a three year gig.
Whether or not that is a lie is TBD and, really, not all that important.
Sometimes all you need is a little bit of hope to keep you going and enjoying. Even if it's false hope.

My two traveling buddies.
We went from the airport, to get the car, to the Desai's where we spent the first three nights.

After reuniting with my lover, aka Christy, and my second lover, aka Cafe Vida, we went to Kaskade's Atmosphere show. Chelsi came also. {Note to self: pray I don't have stupid teenagers that do the standing Provo push for hours on end.}  Somehow we ended up at Kaskade again on Friday night. Show starting at midnight. Yes, Chelsi and D and Yosh and Darshan went as well. That's how us Hansen's do 2 am apparently! Fun fun night{s}!

The babies and I took advantage one last time of still having Disney passes and spent a few hours there. Loved it! And love having passes where it's completely acceptable to stay for only 5 hours!

Saturday Yosh and I went to one of his co-workers wedding. It was an amazing ceremony. The father of the groom had recently passed away. There was an added tenderness and genuinely felt in all the words and memories shared.

Sunday, Yosh headed home and the kids and I continued on up to Camarillo to stay with the Nielsen's and kick it with the valley crew. Sunday night was Stonefire. Monday was hanging with the girls and kids before our nanny, aka Jono, opened a window for escape and we snuck off to lunch. And of course finished the day off with a girls dinner at Umami Burger. Where we ate lots of food. No, really...we ate a lot. But do we seriously not have a single picture, girls??? Well, you know what that means.....

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