Thursday, July 11, 2013


I'm going to take this opening line to let you know that life has been boring......


I'm kind of loving slipping back into the '90's lingoes these days. There's something about it that just feels so nostalgic and hip. Some would even say it feels sic. But then again, those someone's probably wouldn't appreciate "sike!" and "not!" because...well, because they're calling things sic.

Point being this:
Life has not been boring.

You know things have taken a turn when you have friends saying things to you like, 
"Another day, another airport."
So maybe I only got that comment once, but it felt very fitting.
It especially felt fitting since I was banging my head against the wall at the thought of getting on another airplane.
Hard knock life, y'all.

But here's the thing with all this traveling- which I should start referring to as work to more appropriately categorize it-....

I got stuff done.
We found a house.
At least I did.
Yosh felt the need to see said house before I signed away my bank account.
{In case you haven't picked up on innuendoes, I'm the bread winner in our family....}
{If you took that statement serious for even one second, we're probably not friends.}
So that resulted in another Austin trip.
Which quickly resulted in more BBQ.
I was in Austin for less than 24 hours and home from Austin for less than 24
(enough time to make kids breakfast and lunch, take Kaia to our mommy and me class, and pack and then pack more)
before the sis and I were on another airplane to Phoenix where we were welcomed by stale 117 degree air that quickly had my arm pits collecting sweat.
But all worth it.
I got to see my Grandma who I don't see very often at all,

I got to see my favorite cousins and celebrate Heidi's 40th,

and the Kai got to get a picture with {one of} her namesake.

Well worth it, right?!!
No time to moan and groan about being tired, stressed, or anything else!
And truth be told once I landed in Phoenix, I no longer felt the stress of the week before.

Which was a good thing.
Because although the Austin trek was planned two days before it took place,
and the Phoenix trek was confirmed two days before it took place,
the Coronado had been on the calendar for a loooong time.
Do you all know that Coronado holds a very special place in my heart?
Can't quite articulate why, but we don't need all the answers do we?!!

Yosh and the boys picked Kaia and I up from the airport and we just continued on down South until we crossed "The Blue Bridge" (Deeter's favorite) and walked into Hotel Del Coronado.
Aka The Del.
And that place is magical.
It is not fancy.
In fact Yosh always wonders why we're paying luxury prices for room that are no bigger than our bedrooms at home.
But y'all sometimes you gotta pay a pretty penny for a feeling.
(Yea, try explaining that to most men....doesn't get you too far.)
But to me, it just has this old school, classical, romantic feeling about it.
And I need two or three nights of it a year.
Emphasis on need.
And this trip did not disappoint.
The only thing missing Chelsi J.
(There's always next year, right, Chels? ::[ )

But I still had this special, special girl as a traveling partner...

{that's what she gets for sneaking this little gem onto my phone! paybacks a bi....!}

And the fams managed to make a memory or two.

crab catching ended up being the favorite activity

still my have moment was walking on the beach in the morning looking for treasures

he still prefers a bush over any bathroom

Best and BIGGEST pizza in town.
Can yo tell how enormous this 28 inch pizza is?
Try carrying it for 2 blocks and you'll feel the enormity of it.

So that's been life for this last little bit.
I'm trying to keep up with the pace,
slow down with the complaining and simply
Live it up, Baby!

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