Monday, June 24, 2013

New Digs

First item of business:
it's tempting to apologize for so many pictures, but I'll refrain from doing that.
One day I'm going to love looking back on all these.

Ok, so remember when I told you I was planning a last minute trip to Austin to find a house?
Oh wait, that was only like 5 days ago.
Anyway, I did it, I went.
Thursday I (and by I, I obviously mean Christy and I...) landed at 1 pm.
We had just enough time to grab some hometown Texas BBQ before meeting with our real estate agent at 2:30.

I believe it was the third house on the tour (of 50 houses. I kid, I kid...kind of) and I instantly fell in love.
Now, mind you, falling in love doesn't mean it's always the one.
I knew we wanted to make an offer on the home but didn't know if it would be the lone house in that category.
I was going to find a home come hell or high water so I was prepped to make offers on multiple houses.
I was in business mode for sure!
We put together an offer late Thursday night and sent it off at the crack of dawn Friday morning.

And despite the time change hitting up downtown, riding a big ole teeter totter in some bar, busting a few moves with a couple random 20 year old, and listening to a few comedians at "The Velveeta", before a cute little bike taxi pedaled us back to our hotel at 1 am-ish, we were up and at em looking at homes again at 9 am. 
Make no mistake this was a work trip.
We saw many more homes Friday morning, some that would have been suitable back ups, but definite back ups still the same.

We stopped for lunch at Rudy's BBQ and it was starting to feel like deja vu.
Because exactly 24 hours earlier, Christy and I were sitting at Rudy's enjoying the same meat, creamed corn and potato salad.
But 24 hours ago on Rudy's trip #1 I had yet to meet my dream home.
But here on Rudy's trip #2, we got the phone call that they'd accepted our offer!
Boom time, just like that.
No negotiating, back and forth, fighting over mere percentages, they just said yes!
Much like the high emotions that follow popping the big question-
She said yes!
And we were thrilled.
Like meaning from ear to ear.
From there we went and spent an hour and a half at our new home.

Which I now present to you:
front yard view

from the street. Look how far off the street it is!

Dining Room. You can see the front door right there by the stairs.

Family Room.
These beams are what made me want to see the house.
Little did I know I'd fall in love with the rest of the house as quickly as I fell in love with the beams.
Family room from the kitchen looking in.


Formal living room. Can see one side of the front doors.
And can we talk about the cat walk looking hallways?!!!
Love it- seriously one of the highlights of the house for me.
Hallway leads to all three upstairs bedrooms.

Couch faces outside patio.

Master bedroom.

It has a fireplace!

guest bedroom. love the paint color. think i'm going to go with the white scheme as well.

middle bedroom upstairs

1st upstairs bedroom

3rd upstairs bedroom

jack and jill bath bw middle and 3rd bedroom

home is like a horseshoe shape around the pool.
to the left left is the guest room, where chimney is is family room, master bed is to the right

patio area.
and please take note of the stringed lights!
pure love!
it's the little things!

putting green

Sports court

open grass area.
note tree house.
and don't you worry, there's a zipline that starts at the tree house and ends in one of the trees.
Yes, Christy did it and bailed halfway because she was cruising.
With a capital C.
Please tell me ww won't have any broken bones or bodies.....

There she is!
In love!

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