Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Summa Time in the PPC

And for the those of you that
a) don't have a love affair with the Dove Shack and wouldn't catch the Summertime in the LBC reference
b) aren't up to speed on all the new 1990's lingo,
I'll spell it out for you--
Summa Time in the PPC is interpreted as
Summer Time in the Pacific Palisades California.

Not that I live in Pacific Palisades, California for any of you rapists or murderers reading this.
But anyways, school was out last Friday which is the obvious milestone that ushers in summer.
Truth be told, SoCal is usually a beat behind in getting on the summer train.
June Gloom arrives on June 1st like freakin clockwork.
(PS I just had to call Yosh to finish that cliche. I am terrible at cliches.
All I could come up with was June Gloom arrives on June 1st like an alarm clock...)
So June Gloom came and has been doing it's thing.
And while the expectation is that the gloom will burn off noonish, that doesn't always happen and hasn't really been happening since it's arrival.
 But yesterday, when the boys and I went to pick Dallin B up from surf camp, the sun was shining. Like summa time shining. So it seemed in order to hit up 7-11 for Slurpees.
And can you believe when I announced that we were going for Slurpees that Dallin's two little girlfriends were all,
"What are Slurpees?"
My heart almost broke in two in that very moment. Alas, we realized that they call them Icees, we call them Slurpees.
And while I get that Slurpees are unique to 7-11, I still feel like everyone should be knowing about Slurpees.
From 7-11. In fact I feel so strongly that I'll be taking those same two girls today to experience Slurpees.
But back to yesterday, when we went for Slurpees and hot dogs from the Sev,
there was this moment, when we were all hovered around the Slurpee machine to get the obligatory cold beverage to counter the hot sun, and the boys were all in tanks and flip flops, there entered this feeling.
And if I were forced to describe the feeling, I wouldn't do it justice, but I would say words like freedom, and light, and laid back, and my gosh just summer
It just felt like summer.
Could not be denied.
And I was in heaven.

And guess what was awaiting me this morning when I opened my eyes at 6:15 am?
The sun.
June Gloom must've had an appointment elsewhere today.
So it's on.
Hiking may have been an exaggeration. Pouting is probably a bit closer to correct.

The little and I had a morning of hiking and picnicking while the big boys did their own thing.
I foresee an afternoon of Slurpees, an impromptu pool party, followed up by some pizza for din din.

Summa summa summa time!

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