Thursday, June 6, 2013

Sometimes a Girl Needs to Vent

Wow, just got done with Kindergarten graduation (for the third year in a row... unless we ditched out on last year's?? Can't remember.) Anyway, it was a fine moment to watch all those proud grads in cap and gowns cross the threshold from elementary school to...the real world well, elementary school. I'd be lying if I didn't admit that I teared up a couple times but let's be honest, that's what good music and deliberate lyrics does to ya, right? Right.

Because as momentous of an occasion as this is (which truth be told, I'm wondering how true that statement alone is....), I sometimes die at how blown out of proportion these things are. I mean, can I tell you how on top of it I was feeling that I had both boys to school, WALKED THEM IN all by myself for probably the first time since the first month of school, and...wait for it...was showered and dressed and even donning a bit of a heel? And all this before 8 am. And brownie points??? I had already worked out too. And hit the bagel shop to bring my dozen bagels to share at the post grad celebration. I know, check check and check.

But alas, this was not good enough to grant me a comfortable seat at the ceremony where I would be able see my adorable 6 year old's  face as he walked to get his certificate. Because I was greeted with a line all the way down the block AN HOUR BEFORE GRADUATION of people waiting by the unopened doors to get seats. These same people who would file into the auditorium and proceed to save a number of seats for grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, and cousins which essentially left me- the mom who has been schlepping this dang Kindergartner to and from school for the last ten months- seatless. I got a grade F view in the very back of the gym where my child was shrunk to the size of a pea and only recognizable by his distinguishable blond locks escaping his cap coupled with his signature smile. But don't you worry, I wasn't shocked  with my standing room only placement. I've experienced it many a times when I wasn't willing to spend a substantial part of my morning waiting in line or arriving an hour early to "save seats". Should I apologize that I have other children to take care of?

Regardless of my sub-par view, I clapped and ooohed and ahhhhhed at all the right times and basked in the magic of all those moments that graduations have to offer. When the ceremony was all over, the children single-filed their way back to the classrooms while the parents...and grandparents...and aunts and uncles....and cousins calmly plowed out the nearest exit as if the fire alarm had just sounded. Because heaven forbid they weren't the first one to offer their child a congratulations. And by congratulations, I mean in the form of a bouquet. And/or balloon. And/or car gift. I finally found my kid- empty handed of course (me, not him)- and snapped one pic to document this great achievement--

the achievement of me making 5 lunches a week for the last however many weeks,
of me overseeing homework 4 times a week for the last however many weeks,
of me getting my kid to school ON TIME 5 times a week for the last however many weeks,
of me facilitating my Porter getting to see his friends "5 days in a row"....
for the last however many weeks.

Ok, I kid, I kid. 
I know this achievement is about him, not me,
but peeps need to calm it down.
It's Kindergarten.
Keep it simple.
Chill out on the over-achieving.
Make room so that there's achievable expectations and celebrations for real achievements.
And make room so that the actual people who worked for this moment can have a seat...ahem!
Just saying.

And with that, I leave you with my one graduation pic...

PS I ain't bitter, just keeping it real.

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