Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Dear Bloggy blog in da house,

Bloggy blog in da house,

I must really miss you because I am near useless due to Hawangover. And by useless I mean I can barely keep my eyes open and my mind went to sleep at 3:00 pm. That little issue warrants many a deadbeat conversations and I'd like to take a quick sec to apologize to anyone who was forced to engage in one of those with me. My excuse is that I woke up at 3:30 am Hawaii time. But here's the thing- aint nobody got sympathy for a recovering vacationeer and so I just have to keep my mouth shut and keep pushing through.

My whole point of all this was that despite how tired I am, all I want to do is write on the blog. You should feel loved! The funniest thing happened this morning when my alarm clock went off at 3:30 6:30. All of a sudden, that annoying beep got to beeping, arousing me from a deep sleep. It felt like the middle of the night {fine, I'll quit making the time difference reference} and I couldn't quite locate my phone with two eyes closed to turn the dang alarm off. I was flailing my hand in the general direction that the chaos was coming from. Although haphazard, I must admit that most mornings this futile attempt results in success. After many failed attempts, I finally peeled my eyes open to watch in horror as I reached for the phone yet....my hand wasn't doing at all what my mind was telling it to do. The flailing hand would land so near the phone but for the life of me I couldn't pick it up. It felt like a total dream. You know the kind, where all you want to do is walk but your legs literally don't work, or you go to punch an assailant but can't land the punch- crazy dreamlike behavior that never makes sense. So my actions totally felt like a dream, which was serendipitous timing considering I had just departed dream world although my mind wasn't fully aware of that departure as it was still transitioning to awake mode. The flailing and failing continue until my state of consciousness caught up and clued me into what was going on...

My hand was asleep. Like how your foot falls asleep? Well, yes, my hand was asleep. A few steps behind my waking body. I had absolutely no control over it or strength in it which made for one of the top 5 most confusing wake up calls of my life. Dramatic much? I don't know but it was weird.

K, I'm going nighty night. We have two house showings in the morning and unless Mary Poppins comes in the middle of the night, that means an early wake up call for me. Fingers crossed my hand doesn't try to pull the same shenanigan in the morning.

Peace, Love, Do Yo Thang,

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