Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Basic Need? Roof Over a Head

There's a fine line between forcing creativity and ambition and letting it come naturally before welcoming it with open arms.
But as I'm getting to know myself I feel like working creates creativity and ambition.
I gain inspiration from working consistently even when the motivating factor wasn't inspiration itself. The more I do something, the more creative I feel.
Which is why I really want to get back to writing consistently.
And besides desiring a bit of creativity in my life, I can't remember what happened the day before yesterday.
And while this blog doesn't seem to sharpen my remembering skills, I get to cheat and read about the day before yesterday. My little cheat sheet, ya know.

So anyway, I'm stressed out.
It hit last Thursday.
We don't have a place to live.
Well, currently we do. 
But come August X, 2013 we don't.
No, not because our house sold.
It has not sold.
That part isn't stressing me out {......yet.}
Because let's keep it real, we need a roof over our head.
And according to my completely illogical mind,
it seems quite foolish to give this roof up before we find another one.
And it's the finding the other one part that's complicating the sitch.

I've felt so directionless.
Let's buy a house. No we're definitely renting. All I want to do is rent.
Maybe we should look in that neighborhood. Yes I feel like we should look for a house there.
Yea, there's no houses for rent.
We should buy a house.
Imagine being my real estate agent.
Bless his heart.
Even though yesterday I laid out the game plan.
His part of it at least.
More or less it went something like me telling him he had to assume that I was crazy and block out whatever I tell him from day to day- as it changes on the daily- and tell me about all the rentals and any awesome houses that come on the market.
Even when I swear that we're only looking to rent.
Even when I tell him that we're committed to buying.
He must ignore me and not fall for my redirectioning.

So what are we doing, you ask?
Well as of today, I booked a trip to Austin for Thursday to look...
to buy a house.
So surely I'll come home with a solid rental.

Speaking of solid rental,
I drove past my old hood the other day and snapped a couple shots of the first house I was uber excited to rent.

In case you forgot about how awesome this house was, read here.
PS yes, I'm being sarcastic.
Ghetto is as ghetto does.
Surely whatever I find in Austin can't be worse than this.

Wish a girl luck {...and sanity},
I need all of it I can get!

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