Thursday, April 11, 2013


I was casually finishing the school drop off loop, when I saw a girl crossing a street.
I saw something that made me stop in my tracks.
THAT right there was the jacket I needed in my life.
Do you all know I next to don't own jackets?
Been trying to work on this little factoid due to another factoid:
I'm almost always cold.
Uncomfortably cold.
In an effort to work on not being cold all the time, 
I've had to work on the buying jackets issue.
So you can imagine my excitement when I saw one I loved.
On a random girl.
Crossing a street.
Like any nutcase would do, I rolled down my windows and yelled,
"Hey I promise I'm not a weirdo but it's just I've been looking-- well, not really looking, more like thinking about looking-- for a jacket. And I looooove yours.
You don't mind telling me where you got it, do you?"
Nutcase, right?
Well, believe it or not, I actually didn't do this but was wishing I did
 come conversation number 5 of,
"No, I have no idea what brand it was. No but I feel like it was a slick material. And I don't know, but it may of even had a little European feel to it. It had cute buttons. And I remember the collar was kind of up."
And shockingly none of my fashionista friends could pin point what jacket I was talking about.
{Did you know a lot of people can do that, like I give them a description and they tell me where to get something? Wild.}
And when my intensive search {i.e.:: Nordstroms} turned up nothing,
I found this gem of a jacket:

Love, right??!

No complaining coming from my mouth.

The shocking part of this story is that apparently this original jacket needed ME to have it.
Like it was stalking me.
Weird right?
Because 2 days after buying the above jacket, I walked up to school pick-up where I saw one of my good friends awaiting kids
in the exact jacket that had teased me.
My look of shock told the love story all on it's own:
the sighting, the chase, the evasion, the loss of hope, and then finally-- in that very moment-- the reunion. Where fate sealed the deal.
Where girl meets jacket, jacket owner divulges source {J Crew} and then insists on an immediate trip to replicate.

Is it tacky to copy cat?
Or is imitation truly the more sincere form of flattery?

It's definitely flattery.
And I'm needing to be flattered in my own life...
 which may explain why I'm vehemently trying to get Christy to go buy the same exact jacket.

That's the story of my terrible week because I was forced to buy two awesome jackets in one week,
said no sane girl ever.

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