Monday, April 15, 2013

I'll Give your Ying it's Yang

Dallin had one of the biggest moments of his life thus far this weekend:

He lost a tooth!

Not just any tooth, his first tooth.
An innocent bite in an apple rendered him toothless.
As storyline as it comes.
My big sir was thrilled to recount the story at pick up time.
And to contradict this shining moment, he had one of his most disappointing moments the next morning:
the tooth fairy didn't show up.
Possibly my biggest mothering fail thus far.
I may have been a day late, but I was not a dollar short.
Or so I thought.
I added a 0 to what I remember my childhood norm to be: $1.
Who knows if it's myth or not, but either way, Lucas' telling of receiving $100 for his first tooth made my generous $10 donation look like dump.

Stop screwing me over, you over-achieving parents!

Sad sad and more sad.
But kind of a happy weekend?

{Don't worry, I'll be snapping a pic to document this milestone in the morning.....
You know, kind of like the tooth fairy was going to come....
in the morning.
Or something.}

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