Wednesday, February 20, 2013

When In Paradise....

We just got back from a week in Paradise. Although, it's arguable that paradise was right here at home as I heard SoCal was basking in high 70 sunshine. And so were we in Hawaii, but with A LOT of wind.

With that entrance, no one is ever gonna feel sorry for me when I say our vacation started off terrible, but I'm saying it anyway. Because I preach the truth and the truth of it is that Yosh was in need of an attitude check.
{Do you all believe me? If so, that means I have done my job of sufficiently tainting your view of Yosh and making you believe that if anything bad happens in our's his fault!}
 Ok back to the part where I preach the real truth and nothing but the truth....mama was PMSing like a b* and life ain't fun for NO ONE when that's going on. And I made sure of it- that life wasn't fun. And how it is-- that I can say that all matter-of-factly now and laugh it off like it's no biggie when in the moment{s} I was ready to kill someone and it supposedly was NOT PMS-- will remain a mystery to me. A forever unsolved mystery. 

Short story...Maui was ok. Lowlights:
*Poolside kids' meals were $14.50. For a PBJ. Or hot dog. Can I tell you how that just ate me up inside? Day 1 it was fine, kinda fun to be on vacation and throwing money away. But that came to a screeching halt/boycott on the asap. 

*It was pretty windy. 

*The kids were either in recovery mode or sick as we'd been dealing with sick kids for the last week.

But there were highlights

*Dallin's still got it-- the whole throwing up in a very non-messy, doesn't need to be cleaned up kind of way. For instance? Over the railing. 

*I was in the other room when I hear Yosh letting out some sort of excited squeal. What had that boy so thrilled? Kaia had a solid d-u-m-p. For those of you that don't have kids, let this act as birth control. For you parents out there, when you've had a week of loosey goosey liquid bowel movements, well you know the excitement involved when something solid comes out. 

*And THE highlight of the trip? While Yosh, Dallin, and Porter were snorkeling, they came head to head, nose to nose, flipper to flipper with...a sea turtle! Helllloooooo, this is BIG news, especially in a 6 and 7 year old's life! The boys were totally cool with this encounter, especially considering this was their expectation of the adventure. Apparently they were reaching out trying to get all snuggly with Crush before Yosh instinctively yanked them back!

After 3 days in Maui, we went to Oahu and stayed at the Disney Hotel...the Aulani in Ko alina.

This is not a paid advertisement from Disney Hotels. Although I strongly feel like it should be so that I can get my booty back to that heaven on earth. You hear me, Disney?

Heated toilet seats, fully equipped with a bidet {you should click on the link for the definition. It had me giggling. Unless you don't like potty humor. It that case I was not even smiling.}, infinity hot tub, on grounds snorkeling lagoon where parents did NOT have to accompany their kids, on-site free kids club, $6 poolside kids meal that were so good I ate more fried food in three days than I have in the last year, water slides, lazy river, kids water ship with the dumping buckets and shooting water and etc etc. Should I stop?

All I know is either Disney healed my mood or PMS has passed. Either way, I was in a much better mood when we arrived to Disney. It was even windy there and it didn't make my above list. I didn't  feel the need to mention it. Except that I just did....but whatever.
Regardless of all the details, I will say that only being home for a couple days, we're left with nothing but good memories. Like, I don't even remember ripping anyone's head off for something minor. Which means it probably didn't happen. And it seems like the whole week was lovey dove. And the memories are what vacations are really for!

With this being the end of a "resort only" type vacation, I'm not sure a resort only vacation is my preference. I feel like I love getting to know a little town- all their restaurants, the little hikes, the cool spots, etc. Am I alone in this? What do you prefer- a resort vacation or a get out and explore type vacation?


  1. I agree with you completely on your Hawaii experience. I'm not a huge fan of Maui, although I know most people love it. I just think it's OK. But, I love Oahu. We went to the Alani hotel last year and it was paradise! Isn't it amazing? Especially for kids! I really want to go back. :) Your pictures are adorable. What a sweet family you have. xo.

  2. i hate when trips start off ruff! sounds like it ended up ok! A turtle encounter! I am so jealous! sooooo rad! glad it all ended well :)

  3. So glad it ended well! I know all too well how even paradise can be tainted by that ugly PMS monster. The idea of a resort always sounds awesome and I'm sure Disney can do it better than anyone else but I love a little exploration too!


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