Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The V word. And I'm not talking about Valentine.

Wow, after writing that title, I realized the array of V words that could be assumed....hope you're not disappointed my this V word topic! haha! 

Sometimes I wish every word I said was recorded for when I needed to call on it and remember my thoughts. Or statements. Or whatever. Because truth be told, I don't remember some of the most important statements I've made in my life. And that disturbs me. Ie: how many kids I said I wanted to have. My brothers and sisters swear that I said i wanted 6. And for the life of me, I can't imagine such work-laden words leaving my mouth. IT doesn't even seem kinda like a good idea to me. So the thought that at one time I said it like I meant it? Huh uh. False.

Since the time period where my brain cells started mysteriously disappearing-- somewhere in the round a bouts of May 11, 2005, not that I would remember exactly or anything-- I only remember saying I want four kids. A round, even, big-enough family number. And guess how many kids I have???

Exactly four.

And the thought alone of any more makes we want to check myself into an insane asylum. Or a Four Seasons. Whatever, I'll totally take the Four Seasons. With regimented room service. Probably like banana macadamia pancakes. While listening to Jack Johnson. If that doesn't sound healing, I don't know what does.

These tender years of family building have passed so quickly and in many ways feel like they have just begun. I remember Dallin's entrance into the world, my entrance into motherhood, pretty vividly. One might even say as if it were yesterday. And just as quickly as that season was opened, the sign seemed to flip to "CLOSED" just as quickly. Who would've known the stage of life that I most anticipated would pass in the blink of an eye?!!

So I really think I'm done, we're done. Yosh will drink to that.

I can't send Yosh off to go make that decision permanent, to go through with the V word, the vasectomy that is.

So what do you think, when/how will you know when YOU are done? And when do you send husband in for the snip snip?


  1. thats always such a hard topic! with 4 older sisters its been interesting to talk to them about what they have done. Some of them are done and got the "V' done. One regrets it because she said she knows she done, and is planning on staying done, and felt good about her decision, but sometimes she panics back about her decision! haha.

    1. i didn't know you had 4 sisters- that's awesome. I saw all your sisters weekend pic but guess i didn't count! Yosh has recent;y been saying, "Aren't you sad we're not giving Kaia a sister?" The answer? Yes. But not sorry enough to have another baby!

  2. do a lot of men snip it?! i'm not into making babies at the moment but that seems drastic! but i guess, so does having your own reality show with 20 and counting...

    and yes to the four seasons!

    xo the egg out west.

    1. snipping does sound drastic, doesn't it?! i think that's why i hesitate. it just seems so definitive even though i want absolutely no more kids. i guess i'm just selfish in that i always want the choice- that's the stubborn side of me!

  3. I'm with ya Gay! I feel done at five. I'm giving away all my baby stuff as my little one grows out of it. And yet .... I don't think I'll ever be able to do anything permanent to keep us from having another kid. We can always buy more stuff if we end up with more, but can't help wonder what I'll think in another 2 years. =)

  4. If only you could guarantee a sis for the Marie. A snip does seem drastic, but at the same time can't wait for the moment when I can officially have my body back without having to worry about getting pregnant or the side effects that come along with all the birth control that's out there!

  5. I've been away from blogland for awhile and I am finally getting to read all of your hilarious, entertaining, and thought provoking posts! Love it! Anyways, this sort of decision is so hard and we have lots of friends trying to make them right now. I guess i just keep thinking when we get to that point I will just get another IUD for either 5 or 10 years and then I know we could change our minds if we want, but probably won't. Maybe eventually he would get it done. I don't know, that's always been my thought on this topic though. Good luck and keep the hilariousness coming!


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