Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Dr. Uzzi Strikes Again

There's no denying that Dr. Uzzi is stuck on his subject. Obsessesed. Committed.
I hate to disappoint, but I'm pretty convinced his hobby subject ISN'T sex.
Nope, I'm pretty sure his hobby subject is women. And getting them healthy.
One statement clued me into what a bright man he was. At the end of my last appointment,  
after all the preaching, he declared,
"Don't jou vorry about the hormones-- I'll take care of that. That's my part. 
Jou make sure jou're doing jour part."
{Uzzi Reiss for President anyone?}

He's a smart man and knows that health isn't found in a magic, herbal pill alone.
He understands old-fashioned work and being pro-active in mobilizing change.
Sometimes modern medicine needs to be coupled with discipline and work to get the desired outcome. 
And in his world, guess what does weigh heavy in creating this balance????

"Jou know vhat I vant you doing every morning?
I vant you to look in the mirror- chin up, boobs out,
and say, I am beautiful. I am sexy."

I don't know if Uzzi is a graduate of Tony Robbins 201 or what, but he'll be preaching about getting yourself pumped up. Because if there's one things he knows and believes it's this--

It's my job to protect the family.

And to do so, I gots to take care of me.
Because 'me' is in charge of taking care of 4 little kids and 1 big kid. 
And of course, this all relates back to sex. 
"Us men, ve have a conflict. Ve need sex but, BUT, ve don't vant to ask for it. Ve see that jour plate is full vith taking care of everyone."
How considerate, right?
Men don't want to ask, yet they still need which puts just one more scoop on my plate!
But that scoop actually comes back to take care of me.

"Men have orgasm all the time. But the female orgasm is much more meaningful. It is good for the soul. Jou understand? Jou sleep better, jou wake up in a better mood. Jou need orgasm, jou understand?"

Homeboy has dedicated his life to figuring out the nuances of what makes a woman tick, and how that well-oiled ticking machine connects to a man and the joined union protects the most important unit there is-- the family. 

So join in on the campaign of figuring out yourself {women} and figuring out sex {couples} and crusading towards doing our job--

Protecting the family.

And now, the advice that came form all of you:

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