Monday, February 11, 2013

Cliff Jumping

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This is the half-way mark of the Paseo Miramar hike. It's also the pinnacle, where a clear panoramic view awaits you. To see the coast from Malibu all the way down to who knows where. Possibly Mexico...or so a myth goes? 

To get to this point, you have to traverse a few inclines, jump over a few snakes, and stay out of the way of crazy UNIcyclers speedily making their way down the mountain. {I swear I saw this. Does this scream SUICIDE to anyone else?} It's a great hike, especially if you're looking to get out your frustrations in a quick hour and a half.

Which is why I found myself there- on a mission to healthily de-frustrate. And to veer as far away from the word healthy as possible, can we talk a minute about nature vs nurture? 

Ok, time's up for nature, let's get to nurture.

So I'm running down the trail and realize- not for the first time- that it's just me and one other person. And the thought crosses my mind- not for the first time- that maybe, just maybe, this man may want to push me off the side of the path into the deep ravine, which will serve as the scene of my last breaths. Even though he's not the unsuspecting estranged husband that awaits $1,000,000 life insurance claim upon the announcement of my untimely death, I am still not convinced that those aren't his exact plans. And so I keep my distance. Blame it on endless episodes of Dateline, the First 48 Hours, City Confidential or any other murder show you choose, but I am certifiably paranoid aware of various scenarios that end as me being a murder victim. 

MORAL: Go hiking all alone, and get so distracted in not getting murdered that all your frustrations kind of pale in comparison to dying. I don't know but that may be the moral.

What shows leave you questioning everything around you?
{Remember 24? Who used to have 'the beeping' in their dreams?!}


  1. Once upon a time when I did watch tv I got hooked on criminal minds and I swear to you everyday I was planning out some psychotic murder in my head. Why? And there was my ending to criminal tv, now all I watch (which is real rare) is re-runs of saved by the bell. You bet! Much less stressful! I want to do this hike with you!

  2. Omg! I cannot watch anything cause my mind creates these awful murderous scenes without tv! However law and order, Hawaii five o, criminal minds, csi.... Love them all heck I probably could have written them ;) xoxo t


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