Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Ghost of Dear Abby haunts Nigeria

Mis Amigas y Amigos,
I am emailing you from Nigeria with grave news. Your best friend needs your help. She was mugged and lost everything and just needs you to wire her $5000 to help her get back on her feet.
Yea, heard that one before.
You guys, don't fall for it. Ok? No matter how legit the email seems, it's a scam.
That being said...
I Need Your Help.
And I is legit. So help a girl out.
I put together a list of "Must Reads" and I want your input!
Por favor?!
This is a Must Read list for the readers.
And since you're the reader...
Do you see where this is going? why your input is important?
Go take a looky and let me know what you think.
Are there posts I should add?
Are there categories I should add?
Should some of my picks be taken out?
I have thick skin when it comes to this type of business.

But don't think this is a one-sided favor.
In return, you can ask me anything.
Dear Abby's been tapping me on the shoulder mid-dream every night begging me to carry the torch.
Finally, I have obliged.
I've put on the therapist glasses and am ready to handle whatever you throw my way.

Want to know what stars I've run into?
Or if your boyfriend is "the one"?
Or how to approach a friend that pissed you off?
Or what it's like to have a nanny?
Or how to get your baby to sleep at night?
Or how many Diet Cokes is legally acceptable?
Where should you go for vacation?

The sky's the limit:
You ask, I'll dish.

That's What Gay Said
That's What Gay Said
{this here is my button}
So starting next Friday, Feb 8th, we'll run our first column of Ask Gay.
Get your questions in fast because these spots are going to go like hot potatoes and your Fridays will never be the same.
re: Ask Gay
*if you don't want to use your real same, I'll make one up
*if you want your question linked to your blog/twitter/FB, we'll get that done
*if you want to ask an anonymous ? {even to me}, make up a fake email acct and email me? unless you have a better idea

Ready, set, go.


  1. your button is way to cute! you are so awesome! I just got one of those scams on my etsy store. they lady said her daughters dad had a heart attack infront of her and he daughter is in pain, so I felt so horrible about her, then I checked out her facebook page...come to know the lady was never married or had a daughter.....sad huh?

  2. Love your button! Awesome blog girlfrien.


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