Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Ahhhh well hello blog confessional.
Feels good to come and just dump. 
In a place where I know my secrets are safe.
As we used to write in seventh grade...for your eyes only.

So here's my confession:
I have a nanny.
Not just a baby-sitter.
A nanny.
One that lives with me.

Which obviously means I'm lazy.
And that my life is easy.
And that I sleep 12 hours a day.
And that I do nothing except pamper myself all day long.
Because hellllooooo why else would a stay-at-home mom need a nanny?
Speaking of, I wonder if my kids still know who their mom is.......

Ok ok ok I'm done with the sarcasm!

But I'm going to say, being a female comes with it's challenges.
And I write, non-hesitantly, that we're quick to judge each other.
If you're not feeling secure, I can show you a thousand reasons why you are absolutely warranted in your insecurity. Piercing looks, snarky comments, degrading judgements are a dime a dozen. Self-confidence is without a doubt something that comes from, well....within self. From deep inside. It resides pretty deep until we've been putting in good practice and the confidence rises closer and closer to surface, taking over, and hopefully becomes second nature. Second nature to believe in ourselves. To put a block on the negativity that is sent our way, to graciously accept although not thrive on the positivity that comes our way.

Have you ever read the book 
You are Special
{I attached the You Tube reading of it so you can see/hear the words.}

Oh it's a good read, ya'll! Kady gifted this children's book to our family a couple years ago. It's a message that applies to kids and adults alike. That preaches the idea of letting both the negative and the positive comments bounce off of you just the same, of getting your value from your Maker.

It's something I've been trying to work on. On both ends. I've been trying to be less affected by other's perceived judgements and I've been striving to cast fewer judgements, to approach people with a more open mind. 

It's tempting to tell you all our process of how we a) ended up with a nanny and b) one that lives in our home.
It's also tempting to sell the points of everything I still do and don't ask for help with to convince you all that I'm still a good mom.
Or to promote how this is a good, out-of-home experience for someone who was looking for just that.

But I'm going to refrain. 
I don't want to justify, explain, or anything else. 

I will say this was a risky move for me- letting someone come in and share the reign with me. Not because I have trouble sharing the reign (although that could be debatable!), but because although I'm desperately trying to let go of what people think of me, say about me, judge me for....I'm not completely there. And I knew this luxury decision was opening up to a new wave of criticism, and essentially, losing the respect of some people I care about. And some people I don't care about, to be honest. And regardless of which of those two categories the nay-sayers fall into, it still makes me cringe to think of someone viewing me in a less than positive light. A personal issue that I'm working on, as already said.

But the bigger lesson has come from my friends who have genuinely been happy for me. Who have listened without any judgment, jealousy, or resentment. Who have given me the gift of acceptance and non-judgement. For not liking me only when I was exactly like them. For not hating me when I had something they didn't have. For valuing me and my full-time job of mothering. Their acceptance has been the example of how I'm striving to be. To not let a label be how I define you. To be less judgmental. To learn to love an individual as is.

And this has a lot more to do with than an insignificant, disinterested matter of a nanny. It has so much more to do with the fact that I feel like I have been blessed with a strong, handful of girlfriends that are individually and quietly fighting the war of women breaking each other down, their solid examples of the notion that we don't have to be each others' enemies but rather cheerleaders.

So to those of you who have belittled my mothering abilities for me for having a nanny...
you mean nothing to me.
And to those of you who have made me feel like the world's best mom....
your words don't make me.

Although neither of those statements are completely true, 
I hope one day they are. 


  1. I feel silly commenting on every single post, so I don't, but know that I want to!
    I love your outlook on life Gay, you are an incredible girl and amazing Mama! Keep it up, you're example is quite incredible! :)

  2. I'm glad I made the friend pic! Made my day!
    Good for you friend. You can only live for you and no one else. I wish I was there so we could go to lunch because I want to hear more! When? How's it going?! How are the kids liking it? How are you liking it?! Ya know the deets.
    Love ya girl. Keep doing what your doing.

  3. I love this post! I've been reading for a while now, but have never commented. I'm firmly in the camp of women building each other up, not tearing them down. Good for you for doing what was best for you and your family!

  4. Love you Gay! And it also made my day that I made the friend picture as well :) This feels just like our conversation the other day and I LOVE it!! I so agree with women building each other up and not judging and making each other feel bad ... you are a wonderful Mommy!! xoxo

  5. Is wanting to borrow your nanny, jealousy?? If not, send her over!!! If so, then send her over;)

  6. While I realize it wasn't the point of this post to explain all the thought processes that went into you guys hiring a nanny I think that would be a great post in itself. I think a lot of people could do themselves a favor by hiring some help once in a while. I have found the reasons behind your decision pretty enlightening. Just a thought.


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