Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Best Two Years

Happy Birthday, Kaia!
And let me give you the good and bad news all at once, sweet girl....
These were the best two years of your life.
Hands down.
You got spoiled rotten, coddled without limitations, and called everything positive and beautiful imaginable.
And you've deserved every last affirmation.
You are amazing.
And perfect.
And everything our family needed.
It never ceases to amaze me that I, in fact, don't know everything our family needs, and can't see how certain timings make sense, and can handle having more on my plate. No, I don't know these things. 
But God does. 

So it should be no surprise to me your surprise addition to our family has been a perfect fit.
Last year, I wrote one of my favorite posts
And let me tell you, it's not only me that thinks you are special. Your brothers..... let's just say you pull your weight in coercing them into good behavior.

Unfortunately, this whole 'everything fairytale' is coming to an end as you've started swatting and scratching and picked up on phrases that you use freely such as "hate you" and "dumb butt" which means I've had to start threatening time outs and disciplining.

Yes, we had a good run, baby girl.
But the best two years are over. 
Welcome to reality.
And before you get scared off, let me tell you, 
it's not all that bad- this here reality-,
cuz I have an inkling you're always going to be our Princess.

xoxo, your mamacita

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  1. Woot! I'll be following you as soon as I can find my phone! She is just adorable!

  2. Ain't that the truth. I've got roughly 8 more months of lyla being absolute perfection til she starts talking back

  3. She is seriously adorable! I love her outfits


  4. What a fun post. I love the photos of her, especially the one in the yellow peacoat and leopard print flats. Sometimes I wish they'd supersize kids clothes.

    1. there's many a day when I'd love to be twins with baby kaia! although i wouldn't look nearly as cute but whatever!

  5. oh gosh I have the cutest little fashionista niece EVER!!! (I want her wardrobe!)


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